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    General 1969

Miss World 1969
Eva Reuber-Staier
( Miss Austria )

Miss Universe 1969
Gloria Diaz (Philippines)
Miss World 1969
1969 Eurovision Song Contest

Joint Winners in a 4-way tie:
United Kingdom
  Lulu  'Boom Bang-A-Bang'
Spain  Salome  'Viva Cantando'
France  Frida Boccara  'Un Jour, Un Enfant'
Holland  Lennie Kuhr  'De Troubador'

1969 Academy Awards - The 'Oscars'

Best Actor: John Wayne ( True Grit )
Best Actress: Maggie Smith ( The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie )
Best Film: Midnight Cowboy

1969 - General

The Average Wage: £24.16s.5d

Timothy Leary is cleared of drugs related charges
Cilla Black marries her manager Bobby Willis
Snooker's 'Pot Black' is launched on television
French President Charles DeGaulle is forced to resign
Cricket's John Player Sunday League starts
Colonel Gaddafi seizes power in Libya
Midnight Cowboy is the first 'X'-rated film to win an Oscar
Ho Chi Minh
, 'The father of Vietnam' dies
The PASCAL computer language is developed
ITA's Emley Moor transmitter mast collapses
Unemployment quoted at 557,700
Bobby Charlton is awarded the O.B.E.
The R.A.F. gets it's first Harrier jump-jet
Troop withdrawals begin from Vietnam
British troops move into Northern Ireland
Britain abolishes capital punishment
Rhodesia becomes a Republic
North Sea oil is first discovered
The voting age is reduced from 21 to 18 Lulu marries BeeGee Maurice Gibb

Christopher Cockerell, the inventor of the hovercraft, is knighted

Alexander Solzhenitsyn is expelled from the Russian Writers Union

The first in-vitro human egg fertilisation is achieved by Patrick Steptoe and Robert Edwards

Sony introduce the U-Matic colour video cassette recorder

The world's longest bridge, over 23 miles, is completed in Louisiana

The Home Secretary orders the destruction of Britain's obsolete
'Dr Who' style police boxes as personal radios become commonplace

Grand Prix drivers Lucien Bianchi, Paul Hawkins, Gerhard Mitter and Moises Solana
lose their lives in race crashes, bringing the decade total to 21

January 1969

Ian Paisley is jailed for 3 months for unlawful assembly

Singer Peter Frampton leaves 'The Herd' to go solo

1st Sir Learie Constantine becomes Britain's first black life peer

1st Rupert Murdoch wins the take-over battle with Robert Maxwell for 'The News of the World'

6th James Lister, director of 'Gilligan's Island' and 'Wild, Wild West' dies

11th 'Just William' creator Richmal Crompton dies aged 78

14th Sir Matt Busby announces his retirement as manager of Manchester United Football Club

23rd The government rejects proposals to legalise cannabis

30th The Beatles make their last ever public appearance, from the roof of Apple Studios in London

February 1969

E.P.s are excluded from the pop chart listings

Allen Klein is adopted as The Beatles' advisor

Elvis records in Memphis for the first time since 1955

2nd Horror king Boris Karloff dies

8th Beatle George Harrison has his tonsils removed at University College Hospital in London

9th The Boeing 747 'Jumbo Jet' makes its maiden flight near Seattle, U.S.A.

9th Actor George 'Gabby' Hayes dies

14th Radio presenter Kenneth Horne dies

23rd Ex-test cricketer the Reverend David Sheppard is appointed Bishop of Woolwich

28th Robert Kennedy's assassin Sirhan Sirhan is refused a request to be executed

March 1969

1st Princess Anne carries out her first public engagement

1st The Doors' Jim Morrison is arrested for lewd behaviour and drunkenness after a show in Miami

2nd Concorde 001makes its maiden flight from Toulouse

5th At the No.1 court in the Old Bailey the Kray twins are sentenced to life for murder

10th James Earl Ray is sentenced to 99 years imprisonment

11th 'Day Of The Triffids' author John Wyndham dies aged 65

12th Beatle Paul McCartney marries Kodak heiress Linda Eastman

20th Beatle John Lennon marries Yoko Ono in Gibraltar

25th Bandleader Billy Cotton dies aged 69

28th Ex-American President Dwight D. Eisenhower dies

April 1969

9th Concorde 002 makes its maiden flight from Filton, Bristol

18th Bernadette Devlin, aged 21, is elected as M.P. for Mid-Ulster

22nd The liner Queen Elizabeth II starts her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York

23rd Sirhan Sirhan is sentenced to the gas chamber ( later commuted )

25th Mrs Dale's Diary ends its run on B.B.C.Radio after more than 5,400 episodes

May 1969

3rd Jimi Hendrix is arrested in Toronto for possession of heroin

6th In Belfast, Ian Paisley is freed under a wide-ranging amnesty

9th The Vatican drops St.Christopher from the liturgical calendar

12th Martin Lamble, the Freeport Convention drummer, is killed in a crash on the M1

16th Soviet spacecraft Venera 5 sends back data before crashing on the surface of Venus

18th Graham Hill wins the Monaco Grand Prix for a record fifth time

27th Jeffrey Hunter, first Captain of Star Trek's 'Enterprise', dies as the result of a head trauma

June 1969

Cilla Black has plastic surgery on her nose

8th Brian Jones quits The Rolling Stones

8th American actor Robert Taylor dies of lung cancer aged 57

13th Actress Martita Hunt dies aged 69

16th Earl Alexander of Tunis dies

20th High grade crude oil deposits are discovered in the North Sea

21st American tennis player 'Little Mo' Connolly dies aged 34

22nd Entertainer Judy Garland dies, aged 47, after an accidental overdose of sleeping pills

25th 'Pancho' Gonzales beats Charlie Pasarell in the longest ever tennis singles match - 112 games

28th Banks open on a Saturday for the last time

July 1969

Golfer Tony Jacklin wins the Open at Lytham St.Annes

The 16th Newport Jazz Festival is held in Rhode Island

1st The Investiture of Prince Charles as the 19th Prince of Wales takes place at Caernarvon Castle

3rd Brian Jones of The Rolling Stones is found dead at his home of a drugs overdose

5th The Rolling Stones hold their free concert in Hyde Park

21st Neil Armstrong becomes the first man to walk on the moon at 03:56 BST
During the American moon landing the Russians land an unmanned space craft 500 miles away

26th Elvis recommences live performances

August 1969

Kiki Dee becomes the first British girl singer to be signed by Motown

1st The old halfpenny is withdrawn from circulation

8th The Charles Manson 'family' murder Sharon Tate and 4 others

8th Handley-Page, Britain's oldest aircraft manufacturer, calls in the receivers

16th Start of the 'Woodstock' 3 day pop festival attended by 450,000 people in New York State

31st Bob Dylan stars in the second Isle of Wight pop festival

31st Undefeated ex-World Heavyweight boxing champion Rocky Marciano dies, aged 45, in a plane crash

September 1969

Singer James Taylor breaks his arm and leg in a motorcycle accident

All five members of The Equals are injured in an autobahn accident in Germany during a gale

Deep Purple's Ritchie Blackmore marries German dancer Barbel Hardie

4th The Vietcong call a 3-day truce in memory of Ho Chi Minh

5th ITV makes its first colour television transmissions

16th BIBA opens as a department store in Kensington

21st Police storm a 'Hippy' squat at 144 Piccadilly, London

24th Ton Duc Thang succeeds Ho Chi Minh as President in Vietnam

October 1969

The Moody Blues form their 'Threshold' record label

5th Monty Python's Flying Circus is first broadcast, seen on BBC2

14th The 7-sided 50p piece is introduced into circulation

15th The print unions finally allow Rupert Murdoch's purchase of 'The Sun' newspaper

24th 47 are hurt in a prisoner riot at Parkhurst sparked by the early release of Soviet spy Peter Kroger

31st 75,000 people see Bob Dylan top the bill at the Isle of Wight pop festival

November 1969

Torrey Canyon owners, Barracuda Tankers, pay £3 million compensation to England and France

3rd Work finally begins on the National Theatre building

Quintuplets are born to Mrs Irene Hanson after fertility treatment

14th Colonel Gaddafi nationalises all foreign banks in Libya

18th Joseph P. Kennedy dies, father of the Kennedy brothers John, Robert and Edward

18th Bandleader and composer Ted Heath dies aged 69

19th M.P.s approve a bill to set up a new 'Ulster Defence Regiment' to replace the 'B Specials'

25th The government authorises licences for 12 new local radio stations

27th The Rolling Stones play a concert at Madison Square Garden

December 1969

Barry Gibb leaves The BeeGees to go solo

2nd 98 people are arrested following a pitch invasion during a Springbok rugby game in Aberdeen

6th Four people are killed at the notorious Altamont Pop Festival in the U.S.A.

12th Bernadette Devlin is sentenced to 6 months imprisonment for inciting riot

13th The American Supreme Court orders 4 Southern states to end all segregation by February 1970

17th Tiny Tim marries 17 year old Vicki Budinger live on American television

18th The 'experimental' ban on capital punishment in Britain becomes permanent