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    General 1964

Miss World 1964
Ann Sidney
( Miss United Kingdom )

Miss Universe 1964
Corinna Tsopei (Greece)
Miss World 1964: Larger picture
1964 British Olympic Gold Medal Winners

Innsbruck Winter Olympics
Tony Nash and Robin Dixon Two-man bobsleigh
Tokyo Olympics
Lynn Davies  Long jump        Mary Rand  Long jump
Anne Packer  800metres   Ken Matthews  20km walk

1964 Academy Awards - The 'Oscars'

Best Actor: Rex Harrison ( My Fair Lady )
Best Actress: Julie Andrews ( Mary Poppins )
Best Film: My Fair Lady

1964 Eurovision
Song Contest

1964 Winner: Italy
Gigliola Cinquetti 'Non Ho L'Eta Per Amarti'

1964 - General

The Average Wage: £18.2s.2d

Philips introduce the musicassette ( compact cassette )
Rudi Gernreich 'designs' the topless swimsuit
Nancy Astor the first female M.P. dies
Ian Smith
becomes Prime Minister of Rhodesia
Peter Sellers marries Britt Ekland at Guildford register office
Henry Cooper wins the European Heavyweight boxing title
Chemotherapy is first used in the treatment of cancer
The first postulation of the existence of Quarks is made

Unemployment quoted at 405,000
China tests its first atomic bomb
The MOOG synthesiser is developed
British troops are sent into Cyprus
Elizabeth Taylor
marries Richard Burton
The Indian statesman Panjit Nehru dies

Honda diversifies into car production
Word processors are first generally seen

Donald Campbell captures land ( 403.10 m.p.h. ) and water ( 276.33 m.p.h. ) speed records in Australia

John Surtees becomes the only man to win world titles on both two and four wheels
Grand Prix crashes claim the lives of Carel de Beaufort and Tim Mayer

Construction of the Aswan Dam is commenced at Abu Simbel

Lyndon B.Johnson wins presidential election and signs the Civil Rights Act and Anti-poverty Bill

U.S. Congress passes the Gulf of Tonkin resolution to allow America to make war on Vietnam

Nelson Mandela and 7 others are sentenced to life imprisonment for treason

The world's first topless waitress - Carol Doda - appears at The Condor Beach Club, San Francisco

The first electronic ticket barriers and unmanned trains are seen on the London Underground

January 1964

1st The first 'Top of the Pops' programme is broadcast from a disused church in Manchester

6th The Rolling Stones start their first tour as a headline act, supported by The Ronettes

13th Mary Quant declares Paris fashions to be 'out of date'

20th The trial of the Great Train robbers starts

25th The launch of the Echo C spacecraft is the first joint U.S. / Soviet project

29th The 9th Winter Olympics open in Innsbruck

30th Actor Alan Ladd dies

February 1964

3rd American spacecraft Ranger 6 crashes on the moon

6th Britain and France agree to build a Channel tunnel

7th Beatlemania hits the States as The Beatles arrive to start their first U.S. Tour

19th Actor Edward Gargan dies

21st The first £10 notes are issued

25th Cassius Clay beats Sonny Liston in 7th round to become World Heavyweight Boxing Champion

29th Princess Alexandra gives birth to James Ogilvy

29th The Lockheed SR-71 'Blackbird' 2,000mph warplane is first made public

March 1964

Jack Ruby receives the death sentence for the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald

Playwright Brendan Behan dies

6th King Paul I of Greece dies and is succeeded by Constantine

8th The Dave Clark Five make their debut on the Ed Sullivan show singing 'Glad All Over'

10th Prince Edward is born

14th The Dave Clark Five turn professional

23rd Actor Peter Lorre dies

28th Radio Caroline starts broadcasting, Britain's first 'pirate radio' station

April 1964

The classic 'Ford Mustang' car is launched in America

The first commercial hydrofoil service to France from the Channel Islands is introduced

5th American General Douglas MacArthur dies

16th The Great Train robbers receive a total of 307 years imprisonment

16th In West Germany Geraldine Mock completes the first round the world solo flight by a woman

21st BBC2 broadcasts its first programme - 'Play School'

28th Lady Helen Windsor is born to the Duchess of Kent

May 1964

The Pulitzer Prize committee decide there is no drama, fiction or music worthy of an award this year

The first Habitat store opens in London at 77 Fulham Road

1st Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones is born to Princess Margaret

9th Radio Atlanta ( later Caroline South ) begins broadcasting

17th Mods and Rockers clash in seafront riots at Brighton and Margate

27th Radio Sutch ( later Radio City ) begins broadcasting

June 1964

2nd The Palestine Liberation Organisation is created in Jerusalem

2nd Nude cabaret artiste Phyllis Dixey dies, aged 50

4th The Blue Streak is used in a launch from Woomera, Australia

8th Christine Keeler is released from prison

9th Lord Beaverbrook, press Baron of Express newspapers, dies aged 85

12th A crowd of 300,000 greet The Beatles on arrival in Adelaide, Australia

14th Francois Duvalier is declared President for life in Haiti

July 1964

ITV is off-air for five days due to strike action

275 BEA flights are cancelled at Heathrow due to strike action

Footballer John White is killed by lightning on a golf course in Enfield

Singer Tom Jones signs for the Decca record label

6th The Beatles film 'A Hard Day's Night' premieres at The Pavilion Theatre, London

14th Spacecraft Mariner IV gives the first close-up pictures of Mars

28th Winston Churchill leaves the House of Commons for the last time

28th Lennon and McCartney are almost electrocuted by faulty
microphones in Sweden

29th The first family planning clinic opens

31st Jim Reeves dies in a plane crash near Beery Field airport, Nashville

31st Ranger 7 sends back the first close-up views of the surface of the moon

August 1964

Singer Johnny Burnette is drowned in a fishing accident

The New York World Fair is held

6th Actor Cedric Hardwicke dies

12th Great Train robber Charles Wilson escapes from Winston Green prison

12th Ian Fleming, author of 13 James Bond books dies in Canterbury, aged 56

13th The last executions are carried out in Britain at Strangeways prison

15th Freddie Trueman becomes the first man to take 300 Test wickets in cricket

21st Three women are found guilty of indecency for wearing topless dresses in public

22nd The first 'Match of the Day' programme is broadcast, Kenneth Wolstenholme commentating

22nd Roger Hunt scores the first 'Match of the Day' goal as Liverpool beat Arsenal 3-2

24th Nimbus 1 is launched, first satellite to take good quality night pictures

September 1964

3rd Robert Kennedy resigns as U.S. Attorney-General to run for Senate

14th The presses at 'The Sun' start rolling at 10 p.m.

17th Licences are granted to 22 applicants to drill for oil and gas in the North Sea

27th The TSR2 supersonic strike aircraft makes its maiden flight

28th Comedian Harpo Marx dies aged 70

October 1964

Martin Luther King wins the Nobel Peace Prize

1st The Japanese 'Bullet' train runs for the first time

10th The 18th Olympic games open in Tokyo, Japan

10th Eddie Cantor dies

13th The first Soviet 3-man spacecraft completes a 24 hour mission

15th Musician Cole Porter dies

16th Harold Wilson becomes Prime Minister in U.K. general election won by the Labour Party

17th Brezhnev succeeds Kruschev as Soviet First Secretary

20th Ex-president Herbert Hoover dies

29th The TAMI show is filmed, showcasing The Rolling Stones

31st The Windmill Theatre, famous for its nude tableaux, closes down

November 1964

2nd The first episode of television soap opera 'Crossroads' is broadcast

9th Judy Garland gives a concert jointly with daughter Liza Minelli in London

11th An economy budget raises income tax by 6% to pay for larger old age pensions

23rd The first British commercial radio station, Radio Manx, goes on air

30th The Soviet Zond 2 and American Mariner 4 head towards Mars

December 1964

Radio London, the American-backed pirate radio station begins broadcasting

6th Martin Luther King preaches a sermon in St. Paul's Cathedral

8th Lord Marks of Marks & Spencer dies aged 76

11th Singer Sam Cooke is shot dead in Los Angeles by motel manageress Bertha Lee Franklin

21st The House of Commons votes to abolish the death penalty in Britain

21st The General Dynamics F111 fighter makes its first flight

29th An East-end shooting incident is linked to the Kray brothers