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    General 1962

Miss World 1962
Catharina Lodders
( Miss Holland )

Miss Universe 1962
Norma Nolan (Argentina)
Miss World 1962: Larger picture

1962 Eurovision Song Contest
Isabelle Aubret - 'Un Premier Amour'


1962 Academy Awards - The 'Oscars'

Best Actor: Gregory Peck ( To Kill A Mockingbird )
Best Actress: Anne Bancroft ( The Miracle Worker )
Best Film: Lawrence Of Arabia

1962 - General

The Average Wage: £15.17s.3d

Charles M.Schulz creates 'Snoopy'
Beatle Stuart Sutcliffe dies of a brain haemorrhage
has his 50th U.S. chart entry with 'Return To Sender'
Gary Powers
is released in exchange for a Russian spy
Charles DeGaulle narrowly escapes assassination attempts
Construction begins on the World Trade Centre

Unemployment quoted at 403,000
The World Fair is held in Seattle, U.S.A.
Sean Connery marries Diane Cilento
Sony develop the 5" micro television
Martin Luther King
is jailed in Georgia
The first industrial robots are produced

Peter Fechter is the first person to be killed on the Berlin Wall

Rod Laver achieves the Grand Slam in tennis winning all four major tournaments

Oswald Moseley attempts to revive fascism in Britain, leading to civil unrest

The Duchess of Kent gives birth to her first son, George Phillip Nicholas

The 1,000 space Hyde Park underground car park opens

The first self-service petrol station opens on London's Southwark Bridge

Ford open their £50 million car plant at Halewood on Merseyside

The world's largest movable radio telescope is built at Eifelsberg, Germany

Grand Prix driver Ricardo Rodriguez dies in a crash

January 1962

1st The Beatles' audition at Decca Records is unsuccessful

9th The DeHavilland Trident makes its maiden flight

15th Yves Saint-Laurent, protégé of Christian Dior sets up his Paris fashion house

26th The U.S. spacecraft Ranger 3 goes off course, missing the moon by 20.000 miles

29th Britain and America walk out of Nuclear test ban talks with the Soviet Union in Geneva

February 1962

Duane Eddy marries singer Miriam Johnson

Don Everly marries Hollywood starlet Venetia Stevenson

11th An Essex schoolboy claims the world record for 'The Twist' after dancing non-stop for 33 hours

14th Jackie Kennedy conducts a televised tour of the White House

17th James Hanratty is sentenced to death for the 'A6' murder

20th John Glenn in 'Friendship 7' becomes the first American to orbit the Earth

24th Football League founder members Accrington Stanley play their last game,
vs Rochdale, at Peel Park before winding up with debts of £60,000

26th The I.R.A. announces a cease-fire in Northern Ireland

March 1962

The Beatles make their radio debut on 'Teenager's Turn - Here We Go'

2nd In India, President Nehru's Congress Party wins the general election

3rd The British Antarctic Territory is created in the South Atlantic

4th Malta becomes fully independent

16th The first Russian 'Cosmos' satellite is launched

19th A 300 year-old skull is discovered beneath 10 Downing Street

April 1962

2nd Push-button 'Panda' road crossings are introduced

4th James Hanratty is executed at Bedford Prison

23rd Stirling Moss is seriously injured crashing his Lotus 7 in a race at Goodwood

24th President Kennedy announces that the U.S.A. are to resume atmospheric atomic testing

26th The first British satellite 'Ariel' is launched

26th The American spacecraft Ranger 4 crashes on the dark side of the moon

May 1962

Prince Charles enters Gordonstoun school

Don and Phil Everly are discharged from the U.S. Marines

2nd The government warns it will fine pedestrians who do not use the new 'Panda' crossings

8th The last trolleybus runs in London

23rd The first reattachment of a human limb is performed in America

25th The New Coventry Cathedral, designed by Basil Spence, is consecrated

31st Adolf Eichmann is executed for Nazi war crimes

June 1962

3rd Britain's first legal casino is opened at The Metropole, Brighton

10th England lose the football World Cup quarter final 3-1 to Brazil in Chile

12th Three prisoners dig their way out of Alcatraz using spoons

17th Brazil retain the World Cup beating Czechoslovakia 3-1 in Santiago

30th Police 5 is seen on television for the first time

July 1962

The 137th and last annual 'Players vs Gentlemen'
amateur vs professional cricket match is held at Lord's

1st The government's Immigration Bill becomes law

10th The first motorway opens in Ireland

10th Telstar, the first proper telecommunications satellite, is put into orbit

11th The first signals are beamed between U.S.A. and France via Telstar

11th Fred Baldasare becomes the first man to swim The Channel underwater

20th The world's first experimental hovercraft passenger service opens
between Moreton, Wirral and Rhyl, using a
24-seater VA3

23rd An 18 minute live transmission is beamed to 16 European countries via Telstar at 8p.m.

August 1962

Beatle John Lennon marries Cynthia Powell

5th Marilyn Monroe, aged 36, is found dead from a drink and drugs overdose

11th An experimental hovercraft service is launched between Portsmouth and Ryde

12th Two Soviet Vostok spacecraft orbit simultaneously

14th The last 10 feet of the 7.5 mile Mont Blanc tunnel is completed

16th Ringo Starr becomes the drummer for The Beatles

26th The spacecraft Mariner II is launched towards Venus

September 1962

2nd London sees fierce street battles between East Enders and Moseley's Fascists

9th A U2 spy plane used by Taiwan is shot down in China

14th Distillers agree to pay £250,000 for research into damage done by Thalidomide

18th 29 refugees escape by tunnelling under the Berlin Wall

25th Sonny Liston beats Floyd Patterson to become World Heavyweight Boxing Champion

October 1962

The Beatles release their first record for E.M.I. 'Love Me Do'

Alf Ramsey succeeds Walter Winterbottom as England football manager

8th Elizabeth Lane becomes the first female high court judge

10th Spacecraft Mariner II reveals the existence of solar 'winds'

17th The Hyde Park underpass opens in London, causing huge traffic jams

17th The Beatles make their first television appearance

22nd The spy William Vassall is jailed for 18 years

22nd President Kennedy appears on U.S. television to announce the siting
of Soviet missiles in Cuba, 90 miles from the U.S.A.

22nd The trial of Nelson Mandela begins

28th Kruschev capitulates and orders the Cuban rockets to be dismantled
and returned to the Soviet Union, ending the 'Cuban Missile Crisis'

30th The first James Bond film 'Dr. No' premieres

31st Singer Michelle Phillips marries film star Dennis Hopper - it only lasts a couple of weeks

November 1962

Prince Philip opens the Commonwealth Games in Perth, Australia

1st Russia launches the first spacecraft to Mars

5th The government halves the purchase tax on cars in a bid to boost the economy

7th Eleanor Roosevelt dies

7th Nelson Mandela is sentenced to 5 years imprisonment

8th Queen Wilhelmina of The Netherlands dies

December 1962

The Rolling Stones are formed

Alan Freed goes on trial in New York on 'payola' charges

3rd Start of the four-day smog cloud which brings London to a standstill

14th Mariner II sends back the first close-up pictures of Venus

15th Actor Charles Laughton dies

21st The U.S.A. agrees to sell Polaris missiles to Britain