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    General 1967

Miss World 1967
Madeleine Hartog-Bel
( Miss Peru )

Miss Universe 1967
Sylvia Hitchcock (U.S.A.)
Miss World 1967
1967 Eurovision Song Contest

United Kingdom
Sandie Shaw  'Puppet On A String'

1967 Academy Awards - The 'Oscars'

Best Actor: Rod Steiger ( In The Heat Of The Night )
Best Actress: Katharine Hepburn ( Guess Who's Coming To Dinner? )
Best Film: In The Heat Of The Night

1967 - General

The Average Wage: £21.7s.6d

The first Superbowl is contested in American Football
Laura Ashley opens her first shop in Kensington
Cindy Birdsong replaces Florence Ballard in
The Supremes
The first all-British satellite, Ariel 3, is put into orbit
Dolby noise suppression system is invented

Unemployment quoted at 567,400
The first issue of
OZ magazine is published
Race riots occur across the United States
The Duke of Westminster dies, aged 60
The European Community is formed

Muhammad Ali is stripped of his World Title and gets a 5 year sentence for draft evasion ( not served )

EXPO '67 held in Montreal, Canada, starring Richard Buckminster Fuller's geodesic dome

Jimi Hendrix and The Who appear at the Monterey International Pop Festival

Britain makes its second application to join the Common Market

Steam mainline passenger trains are used for the last time

Grand Prix drivers Bob Anderson, Lorenzo Bandini, Giacomo Russo
and Ian Raby all perish in race accidents

January 1967

Albert DeSalvo, the Boston Strangler, is sentenced to life imprisonment

Microwave cookers are seen for the first time

3rd Jack Ruby, killer of Lee Harvey Oswald, dies aged 55

3rd Carl Wilson of The Beach Boys is indicted for draft evasion

4th Donald Campbell dies attempting to break the world water speed record at Coniston Water

12th Plans are announced for a new town - Milton Keynes

12th Singer Charles Aznavour marries Swedish model Ulla Thorssel in Las Vegas.
Petula Clark is matron of honour.

14th The first 'Human Be-in' event is held at Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

18th Jeremy Thorpe succeeds Jo Grimond as leader of the Liberal Party

21st American actress Ann Sheridan dies of cancer aged 51

27th Three astronauts die in a fire on the launch pad at Cape Kennedy in Apollo 1

February 1967

Girl drummer Honey Lantree leaves The Honeycombs to go solo as a cabaret act

3rd Legendary record producer Joe Meek commits suicide on the 8th anniversary of Buddy Holly's death

5th The Musicians Union bans 'Let's Spend The Night Together' from Eamonn Andrews TV show

5th Dirk Rambo, 25 year old twin brother of Dack, dies in a Hollywood fire

7th The Bee Gees return to the U.K. after 9 years in Australia

8th Pop duo Peter and Gordon split up

12th Dougal Haston and Mike Burke are the first Britons to climb the North face of The Matterhorn

12th Mick Jagger and Keith Richard are arrested for drug offences

13th Teenagers 'take over' Heathrow Airport trying to catch a glimpse of The Monkees

18th Nuclear scientist J.Robert Oppenheimer dies aged 62

22nd Pirate radio station Britain Radio closes down

March 1967

The 'star' grading for petrol is introduced

6th U.K. police begin using helicopters on a trial basis

6th American actor and singer Nelson Eddy dies of a stroke aged 65

7th The first North Sea Gas is piped ashore at Easington, Co.Durham from the West Sole field

9th Police raid the offices of the 'International Times' underground magazine

18th The oil tanker 'Torrey Canyon' runs aground on Seven Stones reef off the coast of Lands End

29th President DeGaulle launches France's first nuclear submarine

April 1967

Mrs Shirley Preston becomes the first woman to drive a London taxi

The Cliff Richard fan club closes after 9 years although it still has 42,000 members

3rd Calder & Boyars is sent to trial for publishing the allegedly obscene 'Last Exit To Brooklyn'

9th The inquiry into the Apollo 1 disaster concludes that 'it was probably due to faulty wiring'

19th German statesman Konrad Adenauer dies


May 1967

1st Ten men steal £700,000 in gold bars from a security van in the biggest ever bullion raid

1st Elvis Presley marries Priscilla Beaulieu

3rd The Walker Brothers split up to pursue solo careers

6th Three captured American pilots are displayed at the International Press Club in Hanoi

12th The Poet Laureate John Masefield dies

25th Glasgow Celtic become the first British team to win the European Cup, beating Internazionale

28th Francis Chichester completes his solo round the world voyage in Gypsy Moth IV

30th Actor Claude Rains dies

June 1967

The Monterey pop festival takes place

1st The Beatles' Sergeant Pepper album is released

5th The 'Six day war' begins in which the Israelis oust the Arabs, reuniting Jerusalem

10th American actor Spencer Tracy dies

17th The first Chinese H-bomb is detonated

23rd The fastest mile of the Sixties is run by American Jim Ryun in 3minutes 51.1 seconds

23rd John Entwistle of The Who marries Alison Wise

27th The world's first cash dispenser is opened at Barclays, Enfield

28th American actress Jayne Mansfield dies in a car crash near New Orleans

29th Heavyweight boxer Primo 'The Ambling Alp' Carnera dies aged 60

31st Rolling Stones Keith Richard and Mick Jagger are sentenced for drug offences
( which were quashed on appeal )

July 1967

Regular colour television broadcasting begins on B.B.C.2, mostly of Wimbledon

3rd The first 'News at Ten' is seen on television

8th Actress Vivien Leigh dies

16th Alec Rose sets off on his solo round the world voyage in 'Lively Lady'

16th A 'legalise pot' rally in Hyde Park is attended by over 5,000 people

21st Actor Basil Rathbone dies

28th Pirate radio station Radio 390 closes down

28th The British Steel Corporation is formed

August 1967

The 'Festival of Flower Children' is held at Woburn Abbey over the Bank Holiday

Pirate radio stations Radio City and Radio Scotland close down

14th The Marine Broadcasting Act becomes law, spelling the end for pirate radio

18th The liner 'Queen Mary' is sold to Long Beach in California

20th The U.S. embassy in London is attacked by three men with automatic rifles

27th Brian Epstein, The Beatles' manager, aged 32, is found dead of a drink and drugs overdose

29th Ex-child star Shirley Temple Black announces that she is going to stand for Congress

September 1967

The first open air show of hippie fashions is held in the Fulham Road

3rd Traffic switches to driving on the right in Sweden

20th The Cunard liner Queen Elizabeth II is launched at Clydebank shipyard

27th The liner Queen Mary makes her last official transatlantic voyage

30th Radio 1 is launched by the B.B.C. - also Radios 2, 3 and 4

October 1967

Britain suffers the start of a foot and mouth epidemic

Prince Charles starts at Trinity College, Cambridge

4th Music legend Woody Guthrie dies

5th Juries are allowed to reach 'majority' verdicts for the first time

6th 'The Death of Hippie' ceremony is held at Haight-Ashbury
just as the movement starts to gain a hold in the U.K.

8th The first statutory breathalyser test is carried out

9th Ernesto 'Che' Guevara is killed in Bolivia

16th American singer Joan Baez is arrested at an anti-Vietnam war protest rally in California

25th The Abortion Bill is passed

November 1967

BeeGee Robin Gibb is involved in the Hither Green train crash in which several people die

4th Actress June Thorburn, aged 36, is killed in a plane crash

8th Radio Leicester, the B.B.C.'s first local station, starts broadcasting

18th Harold Wilson's government devalues the pound by 14.3%

23rd The book 'Last Exit To Brooklyn' is found to be obscene by the High Court

28th All horse-racing is suspended due to the Foot and Mouth epidemic

30th The last British troops withdraw from Aden

December 1967

3rd The first successful human heart transplant is made by Dr. Christiaan Barnard

4th Bert Lahr, best remembered as the cowardly lion in 'The Wizard Of Oz' dies aged 72

10th Otis Redding and 4 of the 5 Bar-Kays die in a light aeroplane crash at Lake Monoma

11th Supersonic airliner 'Concorde' is put on display for the first time in Toulouse, France

26th The Beatles' T.V. film 'Magical Mystery Tour' premieres

27th The last original 'Juke Box Jury' programme is televised