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    General 1965

Miss World 1965
Lesley Langley

( Miss United Kingdom )

Miss Universe 1965
Apasra Hongsakula (Thailand)
Miss World 1965: Larger picture
1965 Eurovision Song Contest

Winner: Luxembourg
France Gall 'Poupee De Cire, Poupee De Son'

1965 Academy Awards - The 'Oscars'

Best Actor: Lee Marvin ( Cat Ballou )
Best Actress: Julie Christie ( Darling )

Best Film: The Sound Of Music                  

1965 - General

The Average Wage: £19.11s.9d

Sony introduce the first home-use video recorder
Two American Gemini spacecraft rendezvous in orbit
Comedian Tony Hancock marries Freddie Ross
The government cancels the multi-million pound TSR2 project BMC merges with the Pressed Steel Company
The first successful dental implants are made
DuPont Laboratories discover Kevlar
Club 18 - 30 launched at Spanish resort Lloret del Mar

Unemployment quoted at 326,000
Liverpool win the F.A.Cup for the first time
Freddie Trueman retires from Test cricket
The Queen withdraws
Kim Philby's O.B.E.
Police 'panda' cars are introduced
Computer BASIC language is developed
The computer 'mouse' is conceived
Soft contact lenses are worn for the first time

Zap! Splat! Pow! Batman makes his television debut on American ABC

U.S. Marines are sent into Vietnam at Da Nang and Napalm is used for the first time

Large numbers of U.F.O. sightings are reported across the U.S.A.

Bob Dylan uses an electric guitar for the first time at the Newport Folk Festival

Radio Scotland, Scotland's only pirate radio station begins broadcasting

Jim Clark wins the Indianapolis 500 and the World Championship

Fuzzy logic is invented by Lofti Zadeh at the University of California

'EarlyBird', the world's first communications satellite, is launched by the U.S.A.

January 1965

1st Stanley Matthews becomes the first footballer to receive a knighthood

2nd Television sees the start of the 'World of Sport' programme

4th T.S.Eliot dies aged 76

8th Elvis Presley celebrates his 30th birthday

8th Adam Faith cancels his South African tour when the government bans multi-racial audiences

14th Actress Jeannette MacDonald dies

20th Alan Freed, the man who gave the world rock'n'roll, dies aged 43

21st The Iranian premier Hassan Ali Mansoor is assassinated

24th Winston Churchill dies aged 91

26th Freddie Garrity has a narrow escape when he is thrown through the windscreen in a car crash

30th The state funeral of Winston Churchill takes place at St.Paul's cathedral

February 1965

The one millionth Mini is produced

3rd Spanish forces begin a blockade of Gibraltar

11th Beatle Ringo Starr marries Maureen Cox

15th Singer Nat 'King' Cole dies of complications after surgery for lung cancer

17th King Farouk of Egypt dies aged 45

21st The political activist Michael X is assassinated following his split from the Black Muslims

22nd Strike aircraft TSR2 goes supersonic for the first time

23rd Comedian Stan Laurel dies aged 75, eight years after his partner Oliver Hardy

24th Shooting starts on the Beatles film 'Help'

March 1965

At 26, David Steele becomes Britain's youngest Member of Parliament

Goldie the eagle escapes from London Zoo, flying wild in Regent's Park for 13 days

Jeff Beck replaces Eric Clapton as lead guitarist of The Yardbirds

5th Ernie Terrell becomes the WBA World Heavyweight Boxing Champion

18th Aleksei Leonov becomes the first man to walk in space

23rd The first American 2-man Gemini spacecraft is launched

April 1965

6th The Kray twins are cleared at the Old Bailey of running a protection racket

11th A machine-gun attempt on the Shah's life fails in Teheran

12th The first record company-sponsored commercial show is transmitted by Radio Caroline

19th Reggie Kray holds a celebrity wedding. Messages are sent by Judy Garland and Barbara Windsor

23rd Soviet communications satellite Molnya-1 is launched

28th In Rome, Harold Wilson is the first Labour Prime Minister to meet the Pope

May 1965

Philips Electric launch the 'Popmaster' portable transistor radio

Alan Price leaves The Animals - he can't tour easily due to a fear of flying

9th Soviet space station Lunar V is launched

12th Lunar V fails to land on the moon

14th The Queen dedicates an acre of land at Runnymede to the assassinated John F. Kennedy

19th West Ham Utd win the European Cup-Winners Cup beating T.S.V.Munich 2-0

21st Aircraft pioneer Geoffrey DeHavilland dies

The decision to switch Britain to decimal currency is announced

June 1965

2nd The House of Commons approves a Bill to impose a Corporation Tax on Company profits

10th A BEA Trident makes the first automatic aircraft landing at Heathrow, flying from Paris

10th Mrs C.V.Ward becomes the first female member of The Stock Exchange

12th Jack Warner - 'Dixon of Dock Green', singer Frankie Vaughan and Coronation Street's
Violet Carson are awarded the O.B.E. in the Queen's birthday list. The Beatles receive the M.B.E.

14th Two O.B.E.s return their honours in a protest over the Beatles' M.B.E. awards

18th The government announces plans to introduce a legal blood alcohol limit for drivers

22nd Producer David O. Selznick dies

24th Jonathan Cape publishes John Lennon's second book 'A Spaniard In The Works' in the U.K.

July 1965

Newport folk festival is held

8th Great Train robber Ronnie Biggs escapes from Wandsworth prison

15th Mariner 4 sends back close-up pictures of Mars

22nd Ted Heath becomes the Conservative leader following the resignation of Sir Alec Douglas-Home

22nd Boxer Freddie Mills is found shot dead in his car in Soho, London

29th The Beatles film 'Help!' premieres in London

August 1965

Cigarette advertising is banned from television in the U.K.

Dave Clark Five vocalist Mike Smith suffers two broken ribs when the group is mobbed by fans in Chicago

8th The first Indonesian space rocket is launched

9th Francois Mitterand announces his intention to run for the French Presidency

12th Elizabeth Lane becomes the first woman to be appointed as a High Court Judge

15th 55,000 people attend the Beatles concert at Shea Stadium

21st Keith Peacock becomes the first ever substitute to be used in English football

September 1965

Over 400 people reply to an advert in Hollywood Reporter, wanting to become one of 'The Monkees'

4th Albert Schweitzer dies aged 90

16th 'Tom and Jerry' producer Fred Quimby dies

25th Radio 390 ( formerly Radio Invicta and Radio King ) begins broadcasting

27th Actress Clara Bow 'The flapper of the Twenties' dies

29th Aston Martin launch their first four-seater car, the DB6

30th EMI begin selling L.P. records through 3,000 grocers shops at 12s 6d each

October 1965

Ron Richards and John Burgess of EMI, Peter Sullivan of Decca and George Martin form A.I.R .

4th Fidel Castro announces that Che Guevara has left Cuba 'to fight imperialism abroad'

4th Paul VI becomes the first Pope to visit America

7th The Post Office Tower, Britain's highest building at 620ft, is opened in London

11th Gerry Marsden marries Pauline Behan, the secretary of his fan club

21st Bill Black, Elvis' bass player, dies from a brain tumour

26th The Beatles are awarded the M.B.E.

28th Brady and Hindley are charged with the 'Moors Murders'

29th The U.S.A. detonates an 80 kiloton H-bomb over the Aleutian Islands

November 1965

7th Pirate station Radio Essex begins regular broadcasting

8th The death penalty is abolished in Britain

11th Ian Smith declares unilateral independence for Rhodesia to prevent black majority rule

16th Ireland's first Prime Minister, William Thomas Cosgrave, dies aged 85

24th An experimental 70 m.p.h. speed limit is introduced on British motorways

26th France launches its first satellite 'A1 Asterix' from a site in Africa

29th Mary Whitehouse launches the National Viewers and Listeners Association

December 1965

15th Goldie the eagle escapes from London Zoo for the second time this year

16th William Somerset Maugham dies

22nd Richard Dimbleby CBE OBE dies aged 52

22nd A cabinet reshuffle makes Roy Jenkins Home Secretary and Barbara Castle Minister of Transport

27th The B.P. oil rig 'Sea Gem' collapses in the North Sea killing 13 people