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    General 1966

Miss World 1966
Reita Faria
( Miss India )

Miss Universe 1966
Margareta Arvidsson (Sweden)
Miss World 1966: Larger picture
1966 Eurovision Song Contest

Udo Jurgens  'Merci Cheri'

1966 Academy Awards - The 'Oscars'

Best Actor: Paul Schofield ( A Man For All Seasons )
Best Actress: Elizabeth Taylor ( Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf? )Best Film: A Man For All Seasons

1966 - General

The Average Wage: £20.6s.1d

Ronald Reagan is elected Governor of California
Mrs Ghandi
becomes prime minister of India
An American plane 'loses' an H-bomb off the coast of Spain
French car manufacturers Peugeot and Renault merge
The thermal printer is invented by Texas Instruments
Pierre Cardin's 'Space Age' collection is launched

The Playboy 'Bunny' Club opens at 45 Park Lane
The MacLaren Formula 1 racing team is formed

Unemployment quoted at 328,000
Two American Gemini capsules dock in orbit
The Beatles play their last live concert
Frank Sinatra
marries Mia Farrow
Mary Quant
is awarded the O.B.E.
Hayley Mills marries John Boulting
The 'Cultural Revolution' starts in China
The Rootes Group is taken over by Chrysler

In Vietnam American dead outnumber Vietnamese for the first time

Timothy 'turn on, tune in and drop out' Leary is arrested on drug charges

The opening of parliament is shown live on television for the first time

James Meredith, the first black student at Mississippi University is shot dead

Lulu becomes the first British female pop singer to perform behind the 'Iron Curtain'

Henrik Verwoerd dies after being stabbed by a white man in South Africa's parliament

Henry Cooper loses his rematch with Muhammad Ali in the 6th round, due to cuts

Evangelist Billy Graham begins a major campaign at Earl's Court

Grand Prix drivers Walter Hansgen and John Taylor are killed in crashes

January 1966

1st The Psychedelic Shop opens at Haight Street, San Francisco

4,000 people attend a memorial service for Richard Dimbleby at Westminster Abbey

13th Three visiting Labour M.P.s are expelled from Rhodesia

15th The TRIPS festival, considered to be the start of the Hippie movement
is held in San Francisco

19th Menzies resigns as Australian Prime Minister after a record 16 years in office

21st Beatle George Harrison marries model Patti Boyd

28th Film actress Hedy Lamarr is arrested for shoplifting in Los Angeles

29th The Road Safety Act is passed which leads to the use of the breathalyser

February 1966

1st The first £25,000 Premium Bond winner was Norman Jepson

1st Silent comedy star Buster Keaton dies aged 70

1st Hollywood columnist Hedda Hopper dies

3rd Luna 9 is the first artificial satellite to land on the moon

7th The Who and The Kinks perform on the last 'Shindig' show on ABC television

8th Freddie Laker sets up an airline to cater for the package holiday market

9th The government announces plans to build a fast-breeder reactor at Dounreay, Scotland

28th Liverpool's 'Cavern Club' closes

March 1966

1st The Russian craft Venus III is the first to land on another planet

1st The government announces plans for decimalisation

3rd Actor William Frawley who played Fred Mertz in 'I Love Lucy' dies

17th Arkle wins the Cheltenham Gold Cup for the third year in succession

20th The World Cup Jules Rimet trophy is stolen from Central Hall, Westminster

27th The World Cup trophy is found in a garden in South London by 'Pickles' the dog

31st Labour are re-elected in a General Election

April 1966

Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti marry for the second time, the first being declared void

1st The British Airports Authority is formed

2nd Author C.S. Forester dies

4th The Soviet spacecraft Luna X achieves Lunar orbit

10th Evelyn Waugh dies

26th L.K. O'Brien is appointed Governor of The Bank of England

May 1966

3rd Pirate station Britain Radio starts test broadcasts

6th Brady and Hindley are found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment for the 'Moors Murders'

15th The 44 day seamens strike causes the government to declare a state of emergency

16th Ex-World Champion boxer Randolph Turpin is found shot dead at his flat in Leamington Spa

19th The revolving restaurant at the top of the Post Office tower opens

20th The Who's Keith Moon is injured when accidentally struck by Pete Townshend during a 'wild' routine

June 1966

The Beatles appear 'live' on T.V. for the first time on 'Top of the Pops'

2nd Philips Petroleum announce the finding of a huge gas field in the North Sea off the Humber estuary

7th Roy Orbison's wife Claudette dies following a motorcycle accident

20th PC492 Mohamet Yusuf Daar becomes Britain's first black policeman

20th Sheila Scott lands her Piper Comanche at Heathrow, completing her 33 day
round the world solo flight - the first woman to achieve it

21st Reg Calvert, owner of pirate station Radio City, is shot dead

29th The Barclaycard is launched, the first British-based credit card

29th Comedy actor Ronald Shiner dies

July 1966

Brighton is the first English town to get 'yellow pages'

Bob Dylan breaks his neck in a motorcycle accident, taking 18 months to recover

Mike D'Abo replaces Paul Jones as lead singer of pop group Manfred Mann

11th BMC and Jaguar announce that they are to merge as British Motor Holdings

14th Brigitte Bardot marries Gunther Sachs

28th At 70, Florence Nagle becomes the first licensed female racehorse trainer

30th England win football's World Cup at Wembley, beating West Germany 4-2
30th Image 1Image 2Image 3

31st Princess Alexandra gives birth to Marina Victoria Alexandra

August 1966

Prince Philip opens the Commonwealth Games in Kingston, Jamaica

3rd Comedian Lenny Bruce dies of a drugs overdose

6th The Ministry of Social Security is formed from the Ministries of Pensions and National Insurance

10th George Brown succeeds Michael Stewart as Foreign Secretary

14th U.S. spacecraft Orbiter 1 is reported to have achieved Lunar orbit

15th John Whitney is charged with the murder of three policemen

18th The Tay road bridge is opened

27th Francis Chichester begins his solo round the world voyage in Gypsy Moth IV

September 1966

BMC announce plans for 11,000 redundancies, causing a strike until 11th November

3rd John Ridgeway and Chay Blyth complete their 92-day row across the Atlantic

6th The South African Prime Minister Hendrik Verwoerd is assassinated

8th The Severn road bridge is opened by Her Majesty The Queen

15th Britain's first polaris submarine, H.M.S. Resolution, is launched at Barrow-in-Furness

28th 41 year old Eric Fleming, who played Gil Favor in 'Rawhide', is drowned in Peru

30th Lord Thomson buys The Times

October 1966

Lead singer Denny Laine quits The Moody Blues

1st Georgie Fame splits from his backing group 'The Blue Flames'

7th Pop star Johnny Kidd dies in a car crash in Lancashire

7th The 'hippie' drug LSD is made illegal in California

14th The first edition of the 'International Times' underground paper is published

18th Timothy Evans is given a posthumous free pardon for the Christie murders

21st The Aberfan colliery slurry tip slide disaster claims the lives of 116 children and 28 adults

22nd Spy George Blake escapes from Wormwood Scrubs prison

26th Singer Alma Cogan dies of cancer

November 1966

Edward Brooke becomes the first black senator to be elected in the U.S.A.

9th Art treasures are endangered as Florence suffers its worst floods for a thousand years

9th Jack Lynch becomes the new Irish Prime Minister

9th Paul McCartney is involved in the moped accident which
leads to rumours of his death by decapitation

15th James Lovell and Buzz Aldrin splash down in Gemini 12, the last Gemini mission

17th 150,000 Leonid meteors an hour visible in the skies across the United States

19th British comedy actor Arthur Haynes dies

25th Edgar J. Hoover announces that all evidence suggests that Lee Harvey Oswald was acting alone

December 1966

The B.B.C. announces plans for reorganisation of its stations

1st The first British Christmas postage stamp is issued

6th The first geo-stationary satellite is placed in orbit over the Pacific

15th Cartoon genius Walt Disney dies aged 65

23rd The last edition of 'Ready Steady Go!' is broadcast

25th Pirate radio station Radio Essex closes down