Bill Harry's Sixties is a series of 60s-related articles penned by Bill Harry, creator of the iconic Sixties music newspaper
'Mersey Beat'

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Sixties City Main Menu Sixties City is privileged to be able to present these pages that contain written articles on various aspects of the Sixties with the generous permission of, and provision by, Bill Harry. These articles will be added to on a regular basis to provide a fascinating insight on, and a factual reference to, a unique decade from the personal point of view of one of its more significant participants and contributors. It is a collection I have titled 'Bill Harry's Sixties' - which they undoubtedly are!

Bill Harry attended the Liverpool College of Art with Stuart Sutcliffe and John Lennon and made the arrangements for Brian Epstein to visit the Cavern, where he saw 'The Beatles' for the first time. Bill was a member of 'The Dissenters' and the founder and editor of 'Mersey Beat', the iconic weekly music newspaper that documented the early Sixties music scene in the Liverpool area and is possibly best known for being the first to feature a local band called 'The Beatles'.

Bill has worked as a high powered publicist, doing PR for acts such as Suzi Quatro, Free, The Arrows and Hot Chocolate. He has managed press campaigns for record labels such as CBS, EMI, Polydor and is the critically acclaimed author of a large number of books about 'The Beatles' and the 60s era including 'The Beatles Who's Who', 'The Best Years of the Beatles' and the Fab Four's 'Encyclopedia' series. He has appeared on 'Good Morning America' and received the Gold Award from the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors.

Bill Harry with 'The Beatles'

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