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"All too often, books about The Beatles intimate that the
group virtually created the Mersey scene, presuming that it was only in the wake of their success that groups in Liverpool began to emerge. Numerous writers have taken the line that it was only following The Beatles' national breakthrough that every youngster in Liverpool suddenly wanted to join a group . . . ."

But Bill Harry, founder of 'Mersey Beat', points out here that there were upwards of 350 bands in existence at any given time in the late 50s and early 60s before, and from which, The Beatles emerged . . . . .

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John Lennon and Bill Harry
Mersey Groups and Artists of The Sixties
"Over the decades I have continually been able to contact musicians who were active on Merseyside
during the 1958-1965 period and the list has been growing constantly. Here is the latest one I have updated, January 2006"
Bob Wooler

"When Cavern disc jockey Bob Wooler and I put our heads together in 1961 to make a list of Merseyside groups, we came up with a figure of approximately 250. Time was to prove we had drastically under-rated the growth of musical groups in the area, no doubt due to the vast amount of venues where aspiring musicians could practice their trade. The groups are from the entire Merseyside area, which includes Liverpool, Birkenhead, New Brighton, the Wirral generally, Chester, Widnes, Warrington, Runcorn, Crosby, Formy and Southport. These are all genuine Mersey groups, although some groups in other parts of the country arose with the same name as some of them, such as: the Jets, the Dakotas and the Rebel Rousers."

"The most popular line-up was a quartet with three guitarists – lead, rhythm and bass – plus a drummer. The three guitarists up front would engage in vocal harmony. The Beatles were particularly adept at this as Paul McCartney, being left-handed, could use the same microphone as John Lennon, when they sang together – also producing a visual effect that many of the other groups couldn’t imitate. This basic line-up was the one generally referred to when people later talked of the ‘Liverpool sound’ or the ‘Mersey sound’, and it was most apparent with groups such as the Beatles, the Searchers, Faron’s Flamingos and the Swinging Bluejeans. However, this image tends to make people forget just how extensive the range of the music scene in Liverpool was: there were duos, trios, quintets, and groups with pianos and saxophones in their line-ups."   Bill Harry

Abraham & His Lot
Ahab & His Lot
Abstract Minds
Adam & The Apples
Adam & The Sinners
Al James & The Coasters
Al James & The Tornadoes
Al Quentin & The Rock Pounders
Alby & The Sorrals
Alfie Diamond & The Skiffle Kings
Amos & The TTs
Amos Bonny
Arrow & The Archers
The Aarons
The Abstracts
The Addicts
The Advals
The Acorns
The Agents
The Alabamy Coasters
The Alamos
The Alaskans
The Albany Four
The Alibis
The Alley Cats
The Alligators
The Almost Blues
The Alphas
The Ambassadors
The Anzacs
The Apaches
The Approachers
The Aristocrats
The Arrows
The Assassins
The Atlantas
The Atlantic Skiffle Group
The Atlantics
The Avalons
The Avengers
The Aztecs

Babs and Joan
Bags Blue Beats
Barbara Dee
Barbara Grounds
Bennie & The Jumpin’ Beans
Bernadette O’Toole
Bernie & His Tornados
Bertie Collins & The Sundowners
Beryl & The Centremen
Beryl Marsden
Beryl Ward
Beverley Fraser
Billy Butler & The Tuxedos
Billy Forde & The Phantoms
Billy & The Sinners
Bob Evans & The Five Shillings
Bobby & The Bachelors
Bobby & The Be-Bops
Bobby & The Halers
Bob’s Vegas Five
Bruce & The Cavaliers
Bruce & The Spiders
Buddy Dean & The Teachers
The Bachelors
The Backbeats
The Banshees
The Beat Boys
The Beat Cats
The Beatcombers
The Beathovens
The Beatles
The Beatwoods
The Beechwoods
The Belltones
The Big Lox Blues Band
The Big Three
The Bikinis
The Bill Culshaw Band
The Black Abbotts
The Black Cat Trio + One
The Black Cats
The Black Bisons
The Black Diamonds
The Black Hawks
The Blackjacks
The Black Knights
The Black Velvets
The Blackwells
The Blak Katz
The Blue Beats
The Bluebirds
The Blue Boys
The Blue Chips
The Blue Country Boys
The Blue Diamonds
The Blue Four
The Blue Mountain Boys
The Blue Mountain Showband
The Blue Notes
The Blue Prints
The Blue Streaks
The Blues Angels
The Blues System
The Bobby Bell Rockers
The Boleros
The Bootleggers
The Boot Hill Billies
The Boys
The Breakaways
The Broadways
The Brokers
The Buccaneers
The Buffaloes
The Bumblies

Cadillac & The Playboys
Carl Vincent & The Counts
Carl’s Combo
Carol & The Memories
Carole & The Corvettes
Cass & The Cassanovas
Cash & The Cashmen
Chick Graham & The Coasters
Christine Ching
Chris & The Diamonds
Cilla Black
Clay & The Classics
Clay Ellis & The Raiders
Cliff Roberts’ Rockers
Cy & The Cimmarons
Cy Tucker’s Friars
The Cadillacs
The Calderstones
The Caribbeans
The Carrolls
The Cascades
The Casuals
The Catalinas
The Cavaliers
The Cave Dwellers
The Cavemen
The Caverners
The Centaurs
The Centurians
The Centremen
The Chain Gang
The Challengers
The Champions
The Chants
The Charmers
The Cheats
The Cheaters
The Checkers
The Chee Sydney Group
The Cheetahs
The Chelseas
The Chessmen
The Chuckles
The Cimarrons
The Cirques
The Citadels
The Citrons
The City Beats
The City Kings
The Clansmen
The Classics
The Clayton Squares
The Climbers
The Clive Lord Five
The Coasters
The Cobblestones
The Coins
The Collegians
The Columbians
The Comets
The Commadores
The Commancheros
The Concords
The Condors
The Confederates
The Connaughts
The Connoisseurs
The Conquerors
The Conquests
The Conspirators
The Contenders
The Contrasts
The Convicts
The Copicats
The Corals
The Cordelles
The Cordes
The Corsairs
The Corvettes
The Counts
The Countdowns
The Country Four
The Crackerjacks
The Cracksmen
The Creoles
The Crescendos
The Crestas
The Cresters
The Crosbys
The Crossbeats
The Cross Rocks
The Croupiers
The Cruisers
The Crusaders
The Cryin’ Shames
The Curiosity Shoppe

Dale Roberts & The Jaywalkers
Danny & The Asteroids
Danny & The Escorts
Danny & The Hi-Cats
Danny & The Strollers
Danny Havoc & The Secrets
Danny Havoc & The Ventures
Danny Lee & The Stalkers
Dave Eager & The Beavers
Dave Ellis Trio
Dave & The Devil Horde
Dave & The Corvettes
Dave & The Rave-Ons
Dave Bell & The Bell Boys
David John & The Mood
Dean & The Capitols
Dean Curtis with The Renegades
Dean Devlin & The Dynamites
Dean Fleming & The Flamingos
Dean Stacey & The Dominators
Dee & The Dynamites
Dee Young & The Pontiacs
Dee Fenton’s Silhouettes
Denis & The Newtowns
Denny Seyton & The Sabres
Derry & The Seniors
Derry Wilkie & The Others
Derry Wilkie & The Pressmen
Dino & The Wild Fires
DJ & The Jets
Dixie & The Daredevils
Duke Duval’s Rockers
The Dakotas
The Daleks
The Daltons
The Dark Ages
The Darktown Skiffle Group
The Dateliners
The Dawnbreakers
The Daybreakers
The Deacons
The Dealers
The Deans
The Debutones
The Decibels
The Dee Beats
The Dee Jays
The Deepbeats
The Deerstalkers
The Defenders
The Defiants
The Del Renas
The Del Rio Mountain Boys
The Delacardoes
The Delemeres
The Delltones
The Delmonts
The Delmont Four
The Delta Combo
The Deltics
The Demoiselles
The Demons
The Demon Five
The Denems
The Dennisons
The Deputies
The Detonators
The Detours
The Diablos
The Dials
The Diamonds
The Dimensions
The Dions
The Diplomats
The Djangobeats
The Dollies
The Dominators
The Dominant Four
The Dominating Dominators
The Downbeats
The Drifting Cowboys
The Drone Tones
The Druids
The Dynachords
The Dynamic Dawnbreakers
The Dynamics
The Dynamites
The Dynamos

Earl Preston & The Realms
Earl Preston & The TTs
Earl Royce & The Olympics
Eddie & The Cadillacs
Eddie & The Earthquakes
Eddie & The Phantoms
Eddie & The Razors
Eddie & The Team Mates
Eddie Dean & The Onlookers
Eddy Falcon & The Vampires
Eleanor Russell
The Earls
The Earthlings Blues Band
The Easybeats
The Eddie Clayton Skiffle Group
The Eddie Lee Five
The El Diablos
The Elektones
The Electrons
The Epics
The Escorts
The Everests
The Excelles
The Excerts
The Excheckers
The Executioners
The Exiles
The Explorers
The Expressions
The Eyes

Faron & The Burnettes
Faron & The Crossfires
Faron & The Tempest Tornadoes
Faron’s Flamingos
Foo Foo’s Flashy Falcons
Four Hits & A Miss
Frank Knight & The Barons
Freddie & The Fireballs
Freddie & The Rousers
Freddie Starr & The Delmonts
Freddie Starr & The Midnighters
Freddie Starr & The Ventures
The Fabulous Adders
The Factotums
The Fahrenheits
The Falcons
The Fallons
The Fast Cats
The Federal Five
The Feelgoods
The Fenton Weill Five
The Ferrymen
The Few
The Firebrands
The Firecrests
The Fire-Flites
The Five Stars
The Fix
The Flames
The Flintstones
The Flyaways
The Flyovers
The Foggy Mountain Ramblers
The Fontanas
The Footappers
The Fortune Tellers
The Four Aces
The Four Aristokats
The Four Clefs
The Four Dees
The Four Dimensions
The Four Dymonds
The Four Gents
The Four Jays
The Four Just Men
The Fourmost
The Four Musketeers
The Four Originals
The Four Sounds
The Fruit Eating Bears
The Futurists

Gary B Goode & The Hot Rods
Gee Gee & The Go Men
Gene Day & The Django Beats
Geoff Stacey & The Wanderers
George Collins & The Sundowners
Gerry & The Pacemakers
Gerry Bach & The Beathovens
Gerry De Ville & The City Kings
Group One
Groups Inc.
Gus & The Thundercaps
Gus Travis & The Midnighters
The G Men
The Galaxies with Doreen
The Galvanizers
The Gay Tones
The Gems
The George Nield Trio
The George King Group
The Georgians
The Ghost Riders
The Gibson James Band
The Gibsons
The Gin Mill Skille Group
The Globetrotters
The Gonks
The Good Times
The Griff Parry Five
The Groupiers
The Gunrunners

Hank & The Drifters
Hank Walters & His Dusty Road Ramblers
Hank’s Hoppers
Highly Inflammable
Howie Casey & The Seniors
The Hailers
The Hammers
The Handful
The Harlems
The Hawaiian Eyes
The Heralds
The Heartbeats
The Hellions
The Hi-Spots
The Hi-Tones
The Hi-Cats
The Hideaways
The Hi-Fi Three
The Hi-Hats
The Hi-Spots
The Hillsiders
The Hobos
The Hornets
The Hot Rods
The Hot Shots
The Huntsmen
The Hustlers
The Hylites
The Hy-Tones

Ian & The Rebels
Ian & The Zodiacs
Irene & The Sante Fes
Irene & The Tallboys
Irene Brown
Irene Carroll
The Ice Blues
The Illusions
The Impacts
The Incas
The Inmates
The Interns
The Invaders
The Invisible Men

Jackie & Bridie
Jackie Martin
J.C.& The Strollers
Jeannie & The Big Guys
Jenny & The Tallboys
Jerry & The Juveniles
Jet & The Tornados
Jet & The Valiants
Jill Martin
Jimmy & The Jokers
Jimmy & The Midnighters
Jimmy & The Teenbeats
Jimmy Martin & The Martinis
J.J.& The Hi-Lites
Joan & The Demons
Joan Malloy
Joe Ray Me
Joey & The Kodaks
Johnny Apollo & The Spartans
Johnny & The Falcons
Johnny Autumn & The Fall Guys
Johnny Burns & The Renegades
Johnny Gold & The Country Cousins
Johnny Goode & The Kinfolk
Johnny Marlowe & The Whip Chords
Johnny Martin & The Martinis
Johnnie Paul & The Rockin’ Dee Jays
Johnny President & The Senators
Johnny Ringo & The Colts
Johnny Rocco & The Jets
Johnny Saint & The Travellers
Johnny Sandon & The Remo Four
Johnny Sandon & The Searchers
Johnny Tempest & The Tornadoes
The Jackobeats
The Jaguars
The James Boys
The Jaybeats
The Jaywalkers
The Jensons
The Jesters
The Jets
The Jim Craig Trio
The Johnny Gus Set
The Jokers
The Jubilees

Karl Terry & The Cruisers
Ken Dallas & The Silhouettes
Kenny Jordan & The Rousers
Keoki & The Hawaiianeers
Kev Kurtis & The Four Escorts
Kim Cross
Kingsize Taylor & The Dominoes
Kliff Hilton & The Merseys
Kuke’s Klan Rhythmic Group
The Kandies
The Kansas City Five
The Karacters
The Katz
The Keenbeats
The Kingfishers
The Kingpins
The Kingstrums
The Kinsleys
The Kirkbys
The Knights
The Knutrockers
The Kobras
The Koobas
The Kommotions
The Konkers
The Kordas
The Krewcats
The Kruzads
The Kosmenauts

Lee Castle & The Barons
Lee Crombie & The Sundowners
Lee Curtis & The All Stars
Lee Curtis & The Detours
Lee Eddie & The Chevrons
Lee Shondell & The Boys
Lee Shondell & The Capitols
Lenny & The Team Mates
Liam & The Invaders
Liam & The White Brothers
Lilli Leyton
Lorraine White
Los Toros
Lottie & The Weimars
The Landsliders
The Lavells
The Lawmen
The Lee Eddie Five
The Leesiders
The Legends
The Les Graham Five
The Les Stewart Quartet
The Lidos
The L’il Three
The Lincolns
The Live Jive Five
The Liverbirds
The Lonely Ones
The Long & The Short

Mark Peters & The Silhouettes
Mark Peters & The Method
Mark Swain & The Tornadoes
Maura Meadows
Mike & The Creoles
Mike & The Explorers
Mike Byrne & The Thunderbirds
Mike Dee & The Detours
Mike Savage & The Wildcats
Mr Lee & Co
Mr X & The Masks
Myra Grayson
The Madcaps
The Mafia
The Mailmen
The Majestics
The Mal Craig Three
The Managers
The Maraccas
The Marescas
The Markfour
The Marlins
The Masqueraders
The Masterminds
The Mastersounds
The Mavericks
The Megatones
The Memphis R&B Combo
The Memphis Three
The Merchants
The Mersey Blues Preachers
The Merseybeats
The Mersey Four
The Mersey Five
The Mersey Gamblers
The Mersey Gonks
The Mersey Men
The Mersey Monsters
The Mersey Sounds
The Mersey Bluebeats
The Meteors
The Method
The MGs
The Michael Allen Group
The Midnights
The M.I.5.
The Mikados
The Miller Brothers
The Minibeats
The Minutes
The Missouri Drifters
The Modern Blues Quartet
The Modes
The Mohawks
The Mojos
The Moments
The Monarchs
The Moonrockers
The Morockans
The Mosquitoes
The Moths
The Motifs
The Musicians
The Music Students
The Mustangs
The Mystery Men
The Mystics

Neil Olsen & The Four Aces
The Nameless Ones
The Nashpool Four
The Naturals
The New Detours
The New Detonators
The New Pressmen
The Newtones
The Newtowns
The Neons
The Night Boppers
The Nighthawks
The Nightriders
The Nightwalkers
The Nocturnes
The Nomads
The Norfolks
The Northlanders
The Notions

Ogi & The Flintstones
The Obsession
The Onlookers
The Opals
The Original All Stars
The Others
The Outkasts
The Outlaws
The Overlanders

Paul Tempest
Paul & The Diamonds
Paul Francis & The Wanderers
Paul Francis & The Dominant Four
Paul Lacelle with The Defenders (from Anfield)
Paul Valance & The Tremors
Peter Demos & His Demons
Pete Kelly Solution
Pete Picasso & The Rock Sculptors
Phil Brady & The Ranchers
Phil’s Feelgoods
Pride And Joy
The Pacifics
The Page Boys
The Paladins
The Panthers
The Paragons
The Paramounts
The Pathfinders
The Pattern People
The Pawns
The Pegasus Four
The Phantoms
The Phantom Five
The Pikkins
The Pilgrims
The Plebs
The Plims
The Pontiacs
The Poppies
The Power House Six
The Premiers
The Presidents
The Pressmen
The Press Gang
The PretendersThe Principles
The Profiles
The Prowlers
The Pulsators
The Pyramids

The Q Cats with Wilma York
The Quarry Men
The Quiet Ones
The Quiet Three
The Quintones

Ray Montrose & The Midnights
Ray Satan & The Devils
Recipe Four
Reds Incorporated
Rhythm Amalgamated
Rhythm & Blues Incorporated
Rick & The Delmonts
Ricky & The Dominant Four
Ricky & The Vibrators
Ricky Gleason & The Rebels
Ricky Gleason & The Top Spots
Rikki & The Red Streaks
Rip Van Winkle & The Rip-It-Ups
Rita & The Renegades
Rita Hughes
Robin & The Ravens
Rock Beat Five
Rockin’ God
Rocky Stone & The Pebbles
Rogues Gallery
Roy & The Globetrotters
Rita Rogers
Rory & The Globe Trotters
Rory Storm & The Hurricanes
Rory Storm & The Wild Ones
Roy & The Dions
Roy Hepworth & The Hepcats
Roy Hunter & The Falcons
Roy Malloy & The Teenbeats
Roy Montrose & The Midnights
The Raiders
The Rainchecks
The Rainmakers
The Ramblers
The Ramrods
The Ranchers
The Ravens
The Rave-Ons
The Rawhides
The Ray Tones
The Rebels
The Red Diamonds
The Rebel Rousers
The Red Mountain Boys
The Red Mountain Rock And Skiffle Group
The Red River Rockers
The Regents
The Remo Four
The Renegades
The Renicks
The Rent Collectors
The Rhythm Coasters
The Rhythm Four
The Rhythm Quintet
The Rhythm Rockers
The Richmond
The Riot Squad
The Rivals
The Roadrunners
The Robettes
The Rockerfellers
The Rockin’ Clippers
The Rockin’ Rhythm Coasters
The Rockin’ Rhythm Quartet
The Rockin’ Rivals
The Ron Pickard Combo
The Rondex
The Rontons
The Roy Marsden Five
The Runaways

St Louis Checks
St. Paul & The Angels
Satan & The Hellcats
Savva & The Democrats
Some People
Sonny Kaye & The Reds
Sonny Webb & The Cascades
Sounds Plus One
Steve Aldo
Steve & The Syndicate
Steve Day & The Drifters
Steve Day & The Jets
Steve Day & The Kinsmen
Strawberry Fair
The Sandgrounders
The Sandstorms
The Santones
The Sapphires
The Scaffold
The Schatz
The Screaming SkullsThe Searchers
The Secrets
The Seftons
The Seniors
The Senitors
The Sensations
The Sentinels
The Sepias
The Set Up
The Shades
The Shakers
The Shields
The Shimmy Shimmy Queens
The Silvertones
The Sinclairs
The Sinners
The Skeletons
The Skylarks
The Skyliners
The Skyriders
The SmokestacksThe Sneakers
The Sobells
The Sonnets
The Sorrals
The Soul Agents
The Soul Seekers
The Spectres
The Spidermen
The Spinners
The Spitfires
The Sportsmen
The Squad with Rita
The Sputniks
The St Louis Checks
The Stalkers
The StatesmenThe Stereos
The Steve Francis Four
The Strangers
The Strettons
The Subterranes
The Sundowners
The Sunnysiders
The Swaydes
The Swinging Bluejeans
The Syndicate

Take Five
Terry Connor & The Cruisers
Terry & The Tuxedos
Terry & The Zodiacs
That Group
Them Grimbles
Tiffany’s Dimensions
Tiffany’s Thoughts
TL’s Bluesicians
Tom and Bernie
Tommy & The Olympics
Tommy & The Metronomes
Tommy & The Satellites
Tommy & The Teenbeats
Tommy Jordan
Tommy Lowe & The Metronomes
Tommy Quickly
Tony Allen
Tony & The Black Shadows
Tony & The Checkers
Tony & The Quandros
Tony Carlton & The Mersey Four
Tony Christian
Tony Mac Set
Tony & The Triads
Tony & The Tuxedos
The Tabs
The Talismen
The Team-mates
The Teenage Rebels
The Teenbeats
The Te Deum 5
The Tenabeats
The Teen Tones
The Templars
The Tempos
The Tenabeats
The Tennessee Four
The Terry Hines Sextet
The Texans
The Thoughts
The Three Bells
The Three Deuces
The Three of Diamonds
The Thrillers
The Thunderbeats
The Thunderbirds
The Tigers
The TJs
The Timebeats
The Tokens
The Topics
The Topspots
The Tornadoes
The Trends
The Trents
The Tributes
The Triffids
The Triumphs
The Tudor Four
The Tudors
The Tuxedos
The Two Tones
The Traders
The Travellers
The Travelons
The Trebletones
The Tremas
The Tremolos
The Tremors

The Undertakers
The Unicorns

Vance Williams & The Rhythm Four
Vic & The TTs
Vic Takes Four
Vicki Cheetham
Vikki Lane & The Moonlighters
Vince & The Hot Rods
Vince Earl & The Talismen
Vince Earl & The Zeroes
Vince Reno & The Sabres
Vinny & The Dukes
The Vaders
The Valentinos
The Valients
The Valkyries
The Vanguards
The Vampires
The Vara Sounds
The Vegas Five
The Ventures
The Verbs
The Vermont Quarter
The Vernons Girls
The Viceroys
The V.I.C.s
The Victors
The Vigilantes
The Vikings
The Volcanics
The V.I.P.s
The Vulcans

Warner’s Combo
Wayne Calvert & The Cimmarons
Wayne Stevens & The Vikings
Wells Fargo
Western Union
Wolfgang Combo
Wump & his Werbles
The Walter Quarless Combo
The Wayfarers
The Waysiders
The Weeverbeats
The Wheels
The Wild Harkes
The Wild Ones
The Willows
The Witnesses
The Wranglers
The Wreckers
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The Young Ones
The Zenet Trio
The Zeniths
The Zenith Six
The Zephyrs
The Zeros
The Zwinging Coronets


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