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It Happened At The World's Fair

Fun In Acapulco

It Happened At The World's Fair

Released April 3rd 1963

MGM / Ted Richmond

Directed by Norman Taurog

Elvis Presley, Joan O'Brien, Yvonne Craig, Ginny Tiu
Gary Lockwood

Mike Edwards ( Elvis ) and his partner Danny Burke run a crop-dusting business until Danny's gambling debts force them to sell their plane. Hitching a ride to Seattle with a Chinese man and his niece they find themselves at the World's Fair where Mike falls for a nurse. He helps her to look after the young Chinese girl Sue-Ling, who has become separated from her uncle, while Danny proceeds to get them all involved in a money-making smuggling racket.

Kurt Russell appears briefly as a young boy who kicks Elvis in the shin. 13 years later he was to star as Elvis himself in the film 'Elvis - The Movie'

Songs: Beyond The Bend / Relax / Take Me To The Fair / I'm Falling In Love Tonight / One Broken Heart For Sale / The Cotton Candy Man / A World Of Our Own / Happy Ending / How Would You Like To Be

Fun In Acapulco

Released November 27th 1963

Paramount / Hal B. Wallis

Directed by Richard Thorpe

Elvis Presley, Ursula Andress, Elsa Cardenas, Paul Lukas

Elvis plays Mike Winwood, a part-time lifeguard and cabaret singer at a plush tourist hotel who finds himself being pursued by a passionate lady bullfighter and a gorgeous ex-princess. It turns out that Mike used to be a trapeze artist who was involved in an accident and has come to Acapulco to take the high dive from 'La Quebrada' in an effort to get rid of the fear of heights that has afflicted him since.

Songs: Acapulco / Viva el Amor / I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here / Life Begins When You're In Mexico / El Torro / Margherita / Pedro The Bull / No Room To Rhumba In A Sports Car / Bossanova / You Can't Say No / Guadalajara