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1964 Television Ratings

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Baxter On Travel
BBC 1964
A fortnightly series featuring subjects as viewed through the cynical but highly observant and comic eyes of comedian Stanley Baxter. Other series episodes, produced by Michael Mills, featured 'Baxter On Law', 'Baxter On Sex', 'Baxter On Theatre' and 'Baxter On Television'

ATV 1964-88

Crossroads Website Jill
Originally titled 'The Midland Road' this early afternoon soap was one of the most successful of all time, despite its tight production schedule and somewhat rickety sets which led to it being standard cannon fodder for comedians of the day. Although shown four times a week in the Midlands and London it was not networked nationally until 1972. Set in the fictitious Midlands suburb of King's Oak the stories revolved around the life and loves of the Crossroads Motel staff and customers. Original regular characters included Meg Richardson ( Noele Gordon ), Jill ( Jane Rossington ) and Sandy ( Roger Tonge ) her children, husband Dick ( Brian Kent ), Brian and Kitty Jarvis ( David Fennell and Beryl Johnstone ), Spanish chef Carlos ( Anthony Morton ), waitress Marilyn Gates ( Sue Nicholls ) and receptionist Diane Lawton ( Susan Hanson ). The series was created by Hazel Adair and Peter Ling and the theme music was composed by Tony Hatch and Jackie Trent


Meg with Aussie Kevin McArthur

Yes, it IS 'Mike Baldwin'!
The Eamonn Andrews Show
ABC 1964-69
A 45 minute late night chat and music programme hosted by the genial Irishman, an earlier, less manic version of Terry Wogan. An earlier series of the same name made by the BBC ( 1956-57 ) had been more comedy oriented. A third generation of the series was made by Thames in 1979

Fire Crackers
ATV 1964-65
The incompetent firemen of Cropper's End blessed this slapstick comedy series with a style similar to the Keystone Cops. The star of the show was Bessie, an antique fire engine which was ineptly mishandled by the helmeted layabouts who included Joe Baker, Alfred Marks, Cardew Robinson, Sidney Bromley and Ronnie Brody. The series was written by Fred Robinson and produced by Alan Tarrant

Enlarge picture
The Fugitive
ITV 1964-
Quinn Martin Productions
A real quality American import from Quinn Martin which featured David Janssen as Dr Richard Kimble, a man on the run after being wrongly convicted of the murder of his wife. The four-year series told of his search for the real murderer, a one-armed man, while being relentlessly pursued by policeman Lieutenant Gerard, played by Barry Morse

Gideon's Way
ATV 1964-65
26 x 60 minute episodes were made of this Robert S. Baker and Monty Berman-produced police drama series which was based on the novels by John Creasey ( J.J.Marric ). John Gregson starred as Commander George Gideon who seemed to be in almost constant conflict with his younger, more scientifically-minded assistant DCI David Keen ( Alexander Davion ). Ian Rossiter played DCS Bell and Daphne Anderson featured as Gideon's wife, Kate

BBC2 1964-
Horizon began its long, successful run as a monthly series. It became fortnightly in January 1965. Essentially a science programme, it dealt with a particular facet of science in each episode and examined it in depth, from many different angles. A curiosity of the show was that it also contained an occasional drama production looking at some point, real or fictional, in scientific history. 'A Hundred Years Of Humphrey Hastings' was one such which was developed from a single episode into a 6 x 30 minute 'Christmas Special' mini series. Original producer was Ramsay Short and the editor was Philip Daly

The Jetsons
US Tx 1962
  Only 24 x 30 minute episodes were made of this Hanna-Barbera cartoon series. It is almost a futuristic version of 'The Flintstones' using a similar family sitcom basis. The Jetsons were dad George ( who worked back-breaking 3-hour days for boss Mr Spacely at Spacely's Sprockets), mum Jane, daughter Judy and son Elroy with a very Scooby-Doo like dog called Astro and a robot housemaid called Rosie ( voiced by Jean VanderPyl who also voiced in The Flintstones )

Family picture
The Likely Lads
BBC2 / BBC1 1964-66
Classic British comedy at its finest, written by Dick Clements and Ian La Fresnais. It's hard to watch an episode of this without thinking 'yeah...I've been there!'. Staid, upright Bob Ferris ( Rodney Bewes ) constantly found himself in sticky situations and dubious schemes masterminded by his Jack-the-lad best mate Terry Collier, played by James Bolam. The series was set in the North of England but could equally well have been situated in any town or city of the Sixties. 20 x 25 minute episodes were made in three series and it was revisited in 1973 with a further 27 episodes of 'Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads' and a 1976 feature film

Character Images
Little Big Business
GRANADA 1964-65
David Kossoff starred as stubborn Jewish businessman Marcus Lieberman, a type of role which he successfully carried into other series. Francis Matthews played his ambitious son, Simon, who constantly tried to drag his father and their furniture business into the twentieth century, invariably resulting in some disagreement - a kind of gently comic Jewish 'Steptoe and Son'. The series was written by Jack Pulman and produced by Peter Eton. James Maxwell played son Simon in the original pilot episode broadcast in 1963

Match Of The Day
BBC2 1964-66 BBC1 1966-
A programme created from TV rights negotiations between Alan Hardaker of the Football League and Bryan Cowgill of the BBC. An agreement was reached whereby the BBC would record a selected match and broadcast 45 minutes of edited highlights on a Saturday evening. The show really took off when it was moved onto mainstream BBC1 in 1966. The original producer was Alan Chivers with commentary on outside broadcasts being supplied by Wally Barnes and Kenneth Wolstenholme, among others

Full Picture
Meet The Wife
BBC1 1964-65
Another classic comedy which evolved from a single production in Comedy Playhouse. Written by Ronald Wolfe and Ronald Chesney, this 30 minute show featured Freddie Frinton and Thora Hird as the Blacklocks, a constantly bickering but loving Northern married couple. The series was produced by Robin Nash. The original Comedy Playhouse production 'The Bed', broadcast in 1963 and also featuring Hird and Frinton, was produced by John Paddy Carstairs

The Protectors
ABC 1964
Not to be confused with the later Gerry Anderson series of the same name, this programme had essentially the same setup. Two men and a girl comprising a team providing private security and protection. The men were played by Andrew Faulds ( Ian Souter ) and Michael Atkinson ( Robert Shoesmith ) with Ann Morrish as the glamour factor, secretary Heather Keys. !4 x 60 minute episodes were made, produced by Michael Chapman

BBC1 1964-65
A sort of 'scientific soap' with a moral message, 52 x 50 minute episodes were made in two series featuring the working and private lives of scientists at Government Research Centre Number 3 ( R3 ). The second series was a bit more lively than the first, featuring spies, secret agents and the like whereas the first series had dealt with the world's problems such as drugs and bombs more seriously. Head of R3 was Sir Michael Gerrard ( John Robinson ), supported by staff played by Moultrie Kelsall, Elizabeth Sellers, Michael Hawkins and Oliver Reed

ATV / ITC 1964-65
AP Films Productions

Fanderson website
Gerry Anderson series were getting better and better. This one featured the activities of the World Aquanaut Security Patrol ( WASP ) and their constant struggle against various evil underwater civilisations. The organisation, based in Marineville, was headed by Commander Shore. Captain Troy Tempest was the ace sub-pilot who crewed Stingray along with navigator 'Phones' Sheridan. Romantic interest centred around the menage a trois involving Troy, Commander Shore's daughter Atlanta and mute undersea beauty Marina. 39 x 30 minute episodes were produced, each with the militaristic all-action opening theme and sequences 'Anything can happen in the next half hour' and the beautiful, haunting end theme 'Aqua Marina' sung by Gary Miller

Stingray - BBC Online

The Sullavan Brothers
ATV 1964-65
26 x 55 minute episodes starred Anthony Bate, Tenniel Evans, David Summer and Hugh Manning as four brothers in the legal profession. Respectively Paul, John, Patrick and Robert, they acted as a team comprising of three solicitors and a barrister. Mary Kenton played Paul's wife Beth. The series was created by Ted Willis and produced by Jack Williams

Tales From Europe
The Singing Ringing Tree

BBC1 19-26 November and 3 December
Curious that this 3 x 25 minute episode fairy story about a prince searching for a magic tree to offer as a gift to an ill-tempered princess should feature so highly in people's memories. It was part of a larger series shown in serial format under the general title 'Tales From Europe' which was a collection of productions from various European sources. This particular segment starred Christel Bodenstein, Charles-Hans Vogt and Eckhart Dux. Co-written by Anne Geelhaer and Francesco Stefani, the English version was written and presented by Peggy Miller and narrated by Antony Bilbow. Other stories in the series included 'Snow White', 'Rumpelstiltskin', 'The Golden Goose', 'The Tinder Box', 'Heidi' and 'The Boy and The Pelican'

Theatre 625
BBC2 1964-68
This was a series of programmes presented by the newly-formed BBC2 which closely examined dramatic productions, often in serialised form. Much of the footage was from original stage productions although some segments were re-shot for television.Some titles transmitted during its run were 'Talking To A Stranger', 'The Year Of The Sex Olympics', 'The Seekers','The World Of George Orwell' ( a trilogy ) and 'Coming Up For Air'

BBC1 1964
Based on the stories of Richard Austin and evolving from a single production in the earlier 'Detective' anthology series, this crime drama starred Peter Copley as Dr John Evelyn Thorndyke, an amateur detective. Although investigating cases in a very Holmesian scientific style, Thorndyke boasted two assistants instead of one. Dr Jervis was played by Paul Williamson and butler Polton was played by Patrick Newell. The 50 minute episodes were produced by John Robins

The Villains
GRANADA 1964-65
Another crime drama series that looked at the subject from the other side of the law. Howard Baker and H.V. Kershaw produced this collection of studies of various criminal elements from the North of England which tended to concentrate more on the psychology and day to day lives of the criminals rather more than on the crimes that they committed

The Wednesday Play
BBC1 1964-70
A long-running series of widely varying dramatic productions containing both original stories and new versions of older productions. The first programme shown was 'A Crack In The Ice', written by Nikolai Leskov, directed and dramatised by Ronald Eyre. Other titles transmitted included Sartre's 'In Camera', adapted by Philip Saville. The list of actors in starring roles in these productions reads like a who's who of the British theatre industry. The one production that sticks in the mind was directed by Kenneth Loach and featured Carol White in a dramatised version of the classic Sixties cultural story 'Up The Junction' which was transmitted on 3rd November 1965


Some Other 1964 Shows Which You May Have Seen are...

The Beverly Hillbillies - ITV - Zany American sitcom - CBS - 274 x 30mins

Beyond The Fringe
- BBC2 - Special TV performance of the classic stage comedy revue - 60mins

The Caves Of Steel
- BBC2 - Terry Nation dramatisation of an Asimov sci-fi novel ( part of 'Story Parade' series ) - 75mins

- Granada ( 64 - 75 ) - Film magazine programme first presented by Bamber Gascoigne - 30mins

Cluff - BBC ( 64 & 65 ) - Yorkshire detective series by Gil North, evolved from a show in the 'Detective' series

Culloden - BBC1 - Dramatised historical documentary by Peter Watkins - 70mins

- BBC ( 64, 68-9 ) - Drama anthology featuring famous literary detectives - 18+17+? x 60mins

Diary Of A Young Man
- BBC1 - Social drama about two young Northerners visiting London - 6 x 45mins

The Four Seasons Of Rosie Carr
- BBC1 - Four part drama series about a woman's life

Frankie Howerd
- BBC1 ( 64-65 ) - The brilliant comedian in a 30min comedy show series

Great Temples Of The World - ATV ( 64-66 ) - Sir Kenneth Clark documentary series on famous buildings

The Great War - BBC2 - Documentary on the First World War - 26 x 40mins

Hamlet At Elsinore
- BBC/Danmarks Radio - O.B. broadcast of Shakespeare's play - 170mins

The Hidden Truth - Rediffusion - Drama series featuring forensic science - 4 x 60mins

Impromptu - BBC2 - Unscripted ad-libbed comedy show series - 8 x 30mins

Kipling - BBC1 - Series of dramatised Rudyard Kipling anecdotes - 25 x 50mins

Miss Adventure - ABC - The adventures of a female private eye, starring Hattie Jacques - 13 x 45mins

Six - BBC2 - A series of six 30 to 60min plays by famous film directors

Studio '64 - ATV - A fortnightly series of six TV plays by famous directors and writers

Victoria Regina - Granada - Four short plays on aspects of Queen Victoria's life

Freedom Road
- A-R - Award-winning programme featuring negro protest songs

The Face On The Cover - Granada - World In Action episode about Jean Shrimpton's lifestyle

The Other Man
- Granada - 2hr 20 minute drama production starring Michael Caine and a cast of 200

A Choice Of Coward
- Granada - A series of plays from the master writer

After Dinner - ITV - Hidden camera series following discussions between famous personalities

The Celebrity Game
- A-R - Game show guessing celebrities' views on current topics

A Midsummer Night's Dream
- A-R - Production celebrating Shakespeare's 400th birthday

It's Tarbuck
- ATV - 6 x 30mins comedy series hosted by Jimmy Tarbuck with Amanda Barrie

It's Dark Outside - Granada - 1964-65 - 16 x 60mins crime drama spin-off from 'The Odd Man'

Not So Much A Programme - More a Way Of Life
- BBC1 - 45mins comedy series derivative of TW3

The Newcomers - BBC2 - 6 x 30mins documentary about a young married couple

Mr & Mrs
- ATV / Border - 1964-68 - Quiz show presented by Alan Taylor then Derek Batey

- BBC2 - A 6-episode Francis Durbridge drama

Comedy Bandbox
- ABC - Variety series

Headway - ABC - 13 part Philip Harben cookery series

Headway - ATV - Adult education psychology series

ITN Reports
- ITN - Half hour news and current events programme 1964-65

Vision On - BBC - 260 x 30min Tony Hart's children's art programme specially for the deaf 1964-76

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1964 Television Ratings ( millions of homes )

Steptoe and Son
Sunday Night at The London Palladium
Coronation Street
Dick Powell Theatre
Take Your Pick
The Royal Variety Show
No Hiding Place
Armchair Theatre
It's Tarbuck
Stars and Garters
Double Your Money
Emergency Ward 10
Around The Beatles
The Frank Ifield Show
The Avengers
Christmas Comedy
Miss World 1964
The Max Bygraves Show
Love Story

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