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ss This short history and accompanying pages contain the most accurate information I can find or extrapolate and is derived from a large number of sources. Not unsurprisingly many accounts are contradictory and, where I have found this to be the case, I have taken the point of greatest consensus. For this reason I can't take any responsibility for the ( hopefully few ) inaccuracies but I would, of course, be absolutely delighted to be able to change any incorrect statements if you would take the trouble to email me and substantiate it with some documented or verifiable evidence.

There are a large number of facts and dates involved and to keep the work reasonably short they are presented in a kind of staccato diary format. It does tend to jump forward and backward in time just a little bit in places, but only in an attempt to make the thing more readable and to give a better understanding of what was going on.

In researching it, I certainly got quite confused a number of times about particular chains of events and have tried to solve that problem for you. Even so, it is still occasionally updated.....
The list of Disc Jockeys is, I am sure, considerably larger than the one I have assembled. If you can help add to it I would be happy to get an e-mail from you, likewise any information about the offshore forts.

Lastly, the history strays slightly either side of the Sixties. It seemed a shame not to document it from the start as it was so close to the Sixties, neither did it end in 1969 -
Pirate Radio Lives!


Historical facts, in themselves, are not subject to copyright but there are only so many ways of saying the same thing. I have tried to take particular care to present the events in my own words so as not to infringe, as far as I know, on anyone else's hard work or copyright. For the same reason, I reserve the copyright for ALL original text on these pages. If you want to reproduce any of it by whatever means, please ask first - I'll probably say yes - but it would be nice to know where it is going!

I have no information regarding copyright contacts for any pictures appearing here - I have seen most of them in various locations with no copyright contact information. I am using them to illustrate the articles purely for interest and fan purposes with no intention of financial gain, but if I have upset anyone through their use, please advise me and I will either remove them or be only too pleased to give credit to the copyright owner if that is acceptable. Radio station names (I assume) and logos remain the copyright of the particular owners. Again, I only reproduce them for interest purposes and the same condition applies. To anyone who does hold copyrights on any of these and lets them stay on here, a very big THANK YOU! I would also like to pay tribute to the authors of the many excellent books and web sites I have looked at while putting this together as I can now appreciate, even if only to a small extent, the amount of work involved.
I hope you get as much pleasure from reading it as I did in researching and assembling it.

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