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Site and Page Update History

January 12th 2024
Pirate Sounds - fantastic Sixties sounds from offshore pirate radio stations,
particularly Swinging Radio England.

January 24th 2024
The Market Place - I get lots of letters asking where various Sixties items
can be bought. There is now a page of links to online suppliers of original
and retro Sixties items.

Currently working on a listing for the Top20 pop charts for every week during
the Sixties. If you want to know what was in the charts on your birthday or
on an anniversary this will give you the chance to check it out. It's going to
take a while though - I expect to be able to upload a new year every 2 or 3
weeks as well as small updates to other areas of the site.

February 23rd 2024
Have to admit I've fallen behind with the Top 20. 1960 has now been uploaded.
Also, a complete new front page, menu and search system which I hope will
be useful to you. Loads of small updates have been done as well. Another
new page is the 'marketplace' which is a resource for you to be able to find
Sixties items that you often e-mail me about. I will also be adding a web
resources section to this so that you can take advantage of the same services
which have provided so well for me over the years.

March 3rd 2024
Some minor corrections, new links and additional images in the 'pop' movies section

March 8th 2024
Top 20 weekly charts for 1961 uploaded and available

March 15th 2024
Top 20 weekly charts for 1962 uploaded and available plus minor mods to TV Pop pages

March 22nd 2024
Top 20 weekly charts for 1963 uploaded and available plus various new sounds and links

March 30th 2024
Top 20 weekly charts for 1964 uploaded plus enhancements to 1960-63 pages

May 1st 2024
The site has enjoyed highly increased popularity recently which has had the effect
of causing bandwidth problems. In order to try and reduce these, many files have
been moved to new locations. If you have visited recently and have problems with
viewing some pages, please click on the refresh icon on your explorer toolbar.
This should reload the page with the latest links. I have also had to remove the
automatic play on the midi files from the pages for the same reason, but I will be
making these available again for you to listen to separately in the near future.

June 9th/16th 2024
We've had a few hardware problems over recent weeks but, having thrown a lot of
money at it, we're now updating and adding again. Next main items will be completion
of the weekly Charts and new and regularly updated quizzes as a lot of you have requested.
I've added a lot of Amazon links to the pages in the hope of raising a bit of capital to
support the cost of keeping the site up - these are mostly linked to relevant Sixties items of
interest but you can also see their whole product range from any area. New links and
some corrections were made on the 16th June

June 27th 2024
Many pages redesigned and reloaded with additional links, repairs and improved
access. First new quiz completed - more will be appearing very soon,
followed by completion of weekly chart pages. New Mod dances added to listing.

June 28th 2024
Three new quizzes added
- Backing Groups - sooner than I thought!

July 6th 2024
Top 20 weekly charts for 1965 uploaded

July 13th 2024
Top 20 weekly charts for 1966 uploaded

August 5th 2024
Large number of dances added to the 'Dance' page - thanks to Denver

August 10th 2024
A number of new links and images added in various categories

August 22nd 2024
Top 20 weekly charts for 1967 uploaded
plus partial data for 68 and 69

August 25th 2024
Top 20 weekly charts for 1968
uploaded and some data errors corrected on 60 - 67

August 29th 2024
Top 20 weekly charts for 1969 uploaded
Well, it's taken me nine months of typing, but the pages are now all uploaded
with some data and alignment errors corrected for other years!

September 6th 2024
Additions to Trivia pages and Pop TV, plus minor corrections to 1967 weekly charts

September 16th 2024
Redesigns for all the 'Events' pages and additional items of information added plus
minor modifications and links to other pages

October 18th 2024
The Soviet Manned Space Program and Soviet Cosmonauts
New page with details of the 60s Soviet launches and members of the Cosmonaut training selection teams.

October 28th 2024
Instructions for 'Bend It!' added to Dance Crazes and complete remodel of Links Pages
for easier viewing
, with additional new links.

November 2024
Note: There may be some delay in the next planned updates due to personal reasons.
Currently working on The Sixties Drugs Scene and updates/additions to Fashion and Culture.

December 7th 2024
Dozens of new dance crazes listed

January 6th 2024 - Happy New Year to you all!
Instructions and pictures uploaded for 5 new dance crazes. New links added also.

January to April - Site Relocation

April 27th 2024 - Back Online

May 10th 2024
Rebuild of menu system and repairs to page links

June 3rd 2024
Rebuild of directory system and more repairs to page links

More information will appear here when major updates are performed or new sections are
added / completed. Smaller updates will still be ongoing on a regular and frequent basis.

I do try to answer all e-mail and questions - thanks for sending them, and for your patience
in waiting for a reply.
Keep them coming!


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Several different editors were involved, not all with cross-browser capability. At the moment, 800
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Some images are compressed jpeg or gif with the consequent loss of quality
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Amazon links are provided throughout the site. If you purchase items from Amazon through these links I receive a small percentage of the sale which helps to pay for the bandwidth needed to keep this site operational. Some sixties-related items available from Amazon are featured in various places on the site but, of course, you also have fuul access to current chart items, videos, books and many other terrific items which Amazon has to offer. If you use Amazon regularly, please use the link-through from this site when you buy - then we both get a good deal!

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If you do notice any checkable inaccuracies I would appreciate it if you would let me know.





I retain the copyright for ALL ORIGINAL text and graphics on these pages. If you want to reproduce any of it by whatever means, please ask. I'll probably say yes - but it would be nice to know where it is going!

I have very little information regarding copyright contacts for pictures appearing here - I have seen most of them in various locations with no copyright contact information. I am using them to illustrate the articles purely for interest and fan purposes, but if I have upset anyone through their use, please advise me and
I will either remove them or be only too pleased to give credit to the copyright owner if that is acceptable.

The same offer applies to sound files, particularly
midi file authors, with whose work I am totally impressed. Registered names and logos also remain the copyright of the particular owners. Again, I only reproduce them for interest purposes and the same condition applies.

To anyone who does hold copyrights on any of these and lets them stay on here, a very big
I would also like to pay tribute to the authors of the many books and web sites I have looked at while putting this together as I can now appreciate, even if only to a small extent, the amount of work involved.

I hope you find the pages interesting, informative and, most of all, fun!  
KyndaMagic is my Home Page where you'll find some personal pictures and information

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