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Most of the data comes from the 'Record Retailer' (Music Week) top 50 chart which began listing on 10th March 1960. Prior to that, for the first nine weeks of 1960, the N.M.E. chart is used but which only listed the top 30. Where the entry was a double 'A' side, both tracks have been listed separately for ease of search.

For statistical purposes, if no chart was issued for a particular week the previous week's positions have been used.

Also, all statistics are calculated from the Saturday of the week in which a chart was published.

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In 1952, Percy Dickens rang around his friends in the music industry retail trade to find out what was selling, from which he compiled the first ever singles chart for the NME. The very first chart-topper was Al Martino with 'Here In My Heart'.

Ask almost anybody and they'll say that The Beatles dominated the charts in the Sixties.
Although the Fab Four were phenomenally successful in terms of sales, they didn't have it all their own way in the charts. Check out the statistics below - I'm sure you'll find a few surprises!

For EP and LP statistics, trivia and chart entries please click on the links above.
If you want information on other aspects of the 60s such as films, fashion, pirate radio and much more, then please visit my Sixties City index page.

Most weeks on chart - total - by artist
Most consecutive number one hits - by artist
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Most hits without a No1 hit - by artist
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One-hit wonders that reached No1
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Records that went straight in at No1
Most weeks at No1 - total - by title

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