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The Cavern Club and The Mersey Sound
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Cavern - 'Merseybeat' Tribute Group
I have a great love of the music of the Sixties, in particular the 'Liverpool Sound', or what became commonly known as 'Merseybeat', and I have been a regular visitor to the annual Beatles convention in Liverpool for what seems a lifetime. During those visits, both personal and professional, I have had the great joy and pleasure to meet people involved in the music scene of the Sixties.
These pages have been put together to share my passion with you and the knowledge and insight I have gained into the whole Sixties Beat movement.
They contain articles and research material covering a wealth of topics including new information, rare photographs and a lot of 'inside' information on what really happened, in the hope that you will be both informed and entertained.
Eyewitness accounts and testimonies offering very personal and first hand reminiscences dispel many of the mistruths and myths that have arisen over the years.
As John Lennon once said " Give me some truth", so we aim to do just that.

The True Story of The Cavern
    Bob Wooler - The Cavern King    The Mersey Sound - A Brief Musical History Tour 

Cavern - Artist Information
Glenn and Jeff Mitchell are 'Cavern' - a keyboard guitar duo who use specialist guitars of the period in their sets, from John Lennon's signature Rickenbacker 325 to Paul McCartney's Violin Hofner Beatle bass. They take you on a Magical Musical
History Tour of the early days of 'Merseybeat' using stage decor, props and reproduction 60s Beatles suits, with Cuban heeled Beatle boots, where you are transported back in time to the vibrant rock'n'roll sounds of the 50s and the beginnings of the Mersey Sound and Beatlemania, to relive memories of those formative years which witnessed the birth of the Swinging Sixties.

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'The Beat Goes On And On' pages and website are dedicated to the memory of John Lennon and George Harrison.
The original website and contents are designed, written and copyrighted by Glenn Mitchell, with whose kind permission these pages are reconstructed.
Cavern - Artist information

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