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Sixties Fashions, Fads and Designs
Sixties Fashion, Fads and Design


Cult Sixties Television Programmes
Cult and Classic 50s and 60s Television

Berry Gordy - Tamla Motown
Sixties UK Motown Hits and Motown History
The American Motown record label was founded by Berry Gordy Jr. in 1959 in Detroit, Michigan, USA. The name, a combination of 'motor' and 'town', is also
the nickname for Detroit. Motown played an important role in the racial integration of music in the 60s and created the'Motown' pop/soul sound.
The page includes a full single release listing for UK Motown records.

Dusty Springfield

Dusty Springfield

Born Mary Isobel Catherine Bernadette O'Brien in Hampstead, London, on 16th April, 1939, she originally began her career as a singer with the Lana Sisters trio. In 1960, together with her brother Dion and a friend, Tim Field, she became a member of the folk trio The Springfields, changing her name to Dusty Springfield. The Springfields disbanded in 1963 when Dusty embarked on a solo career.Her first album was released in 1963 on Fontana simply titled 'A Girl Called Dusty'.

Sixties charts and records
Sixties Music Charts and Artists - New - much more detailed British chart history and Time Line, with images and information on Sixties British music papers and magazines. All the pages have been revised, corrected and updated into new formats - I hope you like them and find them a lot easier to navigate. The pages contain every record that made the Top 50 singles chart, the EP and LP Charts, all viewable alphabetically by artist. Every Christmas No1 hit is listed with lots of other trivia, quizzes and chart statistics including the Top 20 Singles Record Chart for every week of the Sixties

56 minutes of great music while you're cruising around Sixties City..........

Bill Harry
Bill Harry's Sixties
Now featuring over 150 articles
From the pen of Bill Harry, providing his unique and informative
view on many aspects of Sixties events, personalities and culture.
Presented here, in his own words, is the definitive story of one of the Sixties' seminal music newspapers - providing a fascinating and unique personal insight into the early days of the 'British Beat Boom' and the events, personalities, facts and legend surrounding the birth of the greatest musical revolution the world has ever known.

Bill Harry was the founder of the Liverpool music paper which chronicled the groups and venues responsible for the 'Mersey Sound', the publication which was to give its name to the Sixties phenomenon and musical era that has since become almost universally known as
  'Mersey Beat'.........
Bill Harry with The Beatles

Bill Harry with The Beatles

What's On?
A selection of current and upcoming sixties-related live music and other miscellaneous events (mainly UK), venues with regular Sixties events plus info and links to some great 60s artistes, shows, weekends and breaks.

Also, gig information on some great original bands and tribute acts - many of which are available for you to book for your own Sixties event!
What's On - Sixties Events
Toys, Books and Other Stuff
Do you remember Space Hoppers, telephones with finger holes, World Cup Willie and seemingly indestructible cans of Coca Cola that had to be opened with a pointy metal thing? What happened to them?
Sixties Furniture, Lighting, Toys, Books and Leisure Items

Gerry Anderson Productions
Gerry Anderson Productions 
Children of the 1960s grew up with Gerry Andersonís TV shows, from the fantastical puppet western Four Feather Falls, Twizzle, Torchy the Battery Boy to the more elaborate Supercar, Fireball XL5, Stingray and the hugely successful Thunderbirds.
Soho and Carnaby Street - The Swinging Sixties
'Soho and Carnaby Street - Heart of the Swinging Sixties'
Once the hunting ground of Henry VIII, London's Soho, a square mile in the heart of the capital, gave birth to the cultural revolution that changed history and was the beating heart of swinging 60s London. Less than 200 yards in length, and lying within the Soho area of London, Carnaby Street's rise from being a drab, neglected back street to worldwide recognition as the ignition point for the Sixties fashion boom is almost entirely due to the vision of one man - John Stephen. See my unique map of the street.....

Elvis Presley Films
Elvis made 33 films, from musicals to dramatic and documentary and commented once: "I wasn't exactly a James Bond in this movie, but then no one ever asked Sean Connery to sing a song while dodging bullets"

Elvis Films

Sixties Science Fiction Films Sixties Science Fiction Films
There is, if it exists at all, a fine dividing line between science fiction and the genres of horror and fantasy, and I may just have squeezed in a few of the latter because I like them! I hope I have included your personal favourites - mine are certainly here!
Sixties City Carry On Films and TV
Carry On Through the Sixties
The 'Carry On' films are the most successful series of British films ever made. The Sixties films pushed the boundaries of film censorship further forward in both sound and vision, but still mainly relied on the interpretation by their audience to extrude their own humour from the contrived situations. All the films, TV shows and 'Lookalikes' made during the 60s.
Sixties Shop
Information and links to various sites that supply original and retro 60s items.

Clint Hough - Sixties City
Thanks for visiting Sixties City!
Do you have any interesting or unique memories, pictures or anecdotes from the Sixties? Get in touch with me and we can share and re-live them on Sixties City!
Thanks so much to all of you who visit this site or have e-mailed me with questions, information and your own personal memories.

I'm finding less time to keep adding to the site at the moment, but I'll keep tacking on new bits here and there, with updates to older pages and, of course, new articles from Bill Harry and other generous contributors.

I am very grateful to people like Danny, Glenn and Bill who have, and continue to contribute to the site content.
The website's still just a hobby but it's getting a bit unwieldy - well over 500 pages now - so I'm gradually revamping the pages into a more consistent format
Some are over 10 years old! - it may take me a while......

With so many pages to keep track of, an automated 'menu' system can't really keep up with all the varied content without extensive changes and I am sure that there are quite a few pages that may be of interest to some of you that are not particularly easy to find as they are only accessible from sub-links in other pages. In the meantime I have put a search facility below the menu just in case you are looking for something specific and don't want to 'browse'.

Send e-mail to Sixties City
I'm still updating pages - a lot have been done but there are still a lot to go - getting there slowly - and you will notice that I am changing the aspect ratio on new and updated pages to 1440 x 900 resolution as most people have HiRes screens capable of handling this and most new equipment is now supplied with widescreen VDU devices, so there will inevitably be a slight mix of formats during the changes.

I hope you are not too inconvenienced by this and eventually find that it is all worthwhile!
There is also a lot of new content in the updates plus new pages now and then, so do keep coming back!

Best wishes always,
Sixties Events
Events by Day and Year
World news, events, and daily trivia
plus information on sport events
and sporting champions 1960 - 69
        Sixties childhood memories 
Hide and seek in the park,
the corner shop and four-a-penny chews. Hopscotch, jacks, skipping, marbles, handstands and football with an old can. Conker fights, kiss chase, home made kites, bows and arrows, hula hoops, swapping scraps and tea cards. Jumping the stream, rope swings, building dams and collecting returnable bottles.sixties

Sixties Childhood Memories
The Avengers
The Avengers

Brigitte Bardot
Brigitte Bardot

Che Guevara
Che Guevara

David Bailey
David Bailey

Peter Blake
Peter Blake

Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In
Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In

Batman - the TV Series
Batman TV Series

All Original Material
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